Monday, August 14, 2017


To all the pragmatists' philosophers and their followers, think this; if a tree falls in the woods without anyone to witness it, then above all else, it will still be another of God's magical creations, because humans can't make a tree. Add to that, media can't manufacture, facts and truth.

I think the reason so many Americans are drawn to the tender minded liberal viewpoint versus a tough minded pragmatic view, is their need to show compassion and forgiveness.  Therefore, even if a theory is incredibly naive and impracticable, doing nothing seems too harsh and uncaring, so most agree to do something. Despite knowing intelligently that, that something, (law, regulation, penalty, tax) is usually insanely defective, because it restrictively penalizes right doers and does nothing to cure the problem caused by wrong doers. Americans support legislative policies out of compassion for victims, rather than discern their effectiveness against problems that can't be cured.

Most Americans should have been taught at home and in school that society is not something that one can control, nor should one allow themselves, to be controlled by society, or any other group minded mentality. Being part of a group should not mean that one gives up any individual rights, any requirement to be responsible for one's actions, or any lessening of your obligation to think, act and react, as an independent accountable soul. 

This is especially true today when the corruption of our media is so brazenly animated against any and all opinions that are independent, conservative or not in lock step agreement, with progressive social justice warrior's politically correct, fascism. 

The term alt-right and white nationalism is an anti-Trump, anti-conservative, and most importantly anti-election voter smear, seeking to bully and shame millions of Americans, that do not want our history books altered, that do not want to embrace social micro-management, that do not want federal statism, and do not want to globalize America and lose our unique foundational freedoms.

The lies told by our media, our government and both political parties is that the country is divided by alt-left and alt-right hatred. Conveniently, helping the promotion of this alt-left versus alt-right narrative was the detestable events that unfolded in Charlottesville Virginia. The neo-Nazi are painted as representing all Trump supporters (LIE)  and the anti-protesters are painted as innocent bystanders (bigger lie).

 Excuse my language, but there is only one word for this narrative: "Bullshit"!   

We know that both, the Mayor of Charlottesville and the Governor of Virginia, had many weeks to prepare for the neo-Nazi group, that acquired permits to demonstrate. We know that they were also aware that anti-protesters (BLM and Soros backed left-wing agitators) were going to be bused to the scene to protest the protesters. Yet, the two groups were allowed to gain close proximity, and even a moron, can figure out that, gasoline and a lit match can only end in tragedy. 

The Neo-Nazi groups in America, do not represent Trump voters or the millions of conservative and libertarians in America. The Black Lives Matter groups do not represent the millions of Democrat voters in America. In fact, both these groups, if one wants to identify them are more alt-fringe than anything else.

The swamp dwellers (Congress) in Washington and the media, want Americans to believe that the nation is deeply divided on issues such as race, and religion, but the majority of Americans know that to be pure, hogwash. Our neighbors, friends and even family members are diverse and dissimilar and there no riots breaking out on our streets.

 However, when paid agitators jump into peaceful demonstrations, fur sometimes flies, and it is intended. Intended by the those that pay them, to agitate. Even town hall meeting have been infiltrated by paid SJW, (Social Justice Warriors) to scream support Obamacare and pretend that they are the constituents of that representative's district, which they are not.  

Call them the alt-fringe, or the alt-anarchists, or the alt-Astroturf or the alt-DNC activists or what they really are, a paid parade of agitators who have signs made for every gripe, and are used by the rich political elites, to justify their fictitious narrative, that Americans hate each other.

Neo-Nazi groups are small and idiotic racists, and no different than Black Lives Matter racists, except one is paid by political billionaires to grow their brand, while the other relies on loser morons to grow their hate-filled lunacy. And yes, both are small marginalized misfits in America that represent a tiny fringe faction in our country. So small in fact, it is laughable that they make any news.

The news they made in Virginia, was set up by "Never let a good crises go to waste" Alinsky tactics by the Democrat Governor McAuliffe and the media calling this an alt-right protest. Alt-right? No, it is alt-Wrong!

Murder is Wrong! Violent protesting is Wrong! Paid agitators bused to demonstrations is Wrong! Police allowing agitated groups to converge is Wrong! Not seeing that the gasoline would exploded near the lit flame, was Wrong.

The poor woman's family that mourn the lost her life in that riot, should sue the city and the state for their utter negligence in controlling a controllable situation. The nut-job murderer in that car, that killed and injured people, should never see daylight again.

However, it is equally insane, for fake news media, to call this protest turned riot, a micro-sample of America's political divide. Conservative and liberal Americans live in the same house and while we detest certain viewpoints, we don't hate one another, nor do we wish to kill one another! Period!

The media today is alt-wrong! The elitists deep state swamp of Washington is alt-wrong. The lack of common sense by our so-called representatives is alt-wrong. But most importantly, the eyes of the average American can clearly see, for the first time, the alt-universe of elitist puppeteers.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


There are lots of things about aging that can be made into a laugh, a joke or a witty remark, but the truly hardest thing about turning another year grey, are those wonderful family and friends you lose.

In Idaho, a man who lived on a mountain, a man who loved and served his country, a man who loved independence, freedom and America's pioneer spirit, joined those in history and became another echoing spirit, of American liberty. His name was Fred Houck, and although his mortal light flickered out, his shining spirit, still gleams as bright and vibrant as his determined will illuminated him, in life, as a distinctly fine and proud man. 

Fred passed on to the next world quickly and without warning but left a legacy of fond memories and chiding advice on being a free American, to those that had the privilege to know him. His most famous line, indeed, signature statement, was "We will not be ruled!"

He hated what liberalism (communism, socialism) was doing to his country, and he knew, as we all do, that the left is a small minority, that have infiltrated into authority positions, in our government and media. It makes them seem larger than they are, and Fred always had confidence, that eventually, the good traditional Americans of this country would rise up against the left's anti-American ideology. 

Fred believed in his countryman, and was always upbeat and optimistic. If you loved your country and wanted to keep its constitutional foundations, Fred would welcome your voice and friendship. We are grateful that he lived to see Trump become President, knowing that the tide was finally was shifting, from leftist sedition and corrupt politicians.

Fred knew that Americans came in all colors, races and original nationalities, and if you stood four square for your country, and was proud of her, then Fred saw you a compatriot that needed to do his or civic duty, to defend America's values. But rather than try and paraphrase Fred views and beliefs, I offer Fred's own words in which he elegantly expresses his deeply held convictions.

Author: hoodoo » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:38 pm
"What is a Traditional American ?
When I was growing up I was a 'normal' American. Everyone I knew and every person society admired loved America and was proud of being an American. We knew that our representatives, for the most part, did as we directed, kept taxes low, respected and loved God, Motherhood, and baseball. We all knew the words and meaning behind our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. We were Americans.

About the time I graduated from high school, and after that fat ugly guy beat the UN podium with his cheap shoe, the hippies appeared to declare the "establishment " so "over". The stolid old-fashioned traditions of Christian morals , Right and Wrong, and National pride, held by "conservatives" were disdained by the 'flower children'. I enlisted for War, they marched in the streets against us. Now I was a war-mongering, xenophobe, and a prejudiced, narrow-minded "conservative. The protesters were "Liberals"

As the hippies went from the streets to the faculties, from the faculties to the LSM, and the demorat party, I remained a "conservative". Now I was told that I was among the abnormal fringe, right-wing. Part of a much maligned bunch of flag-waving Patriots of a bygone age. So Over. The odd thing was that I hadn't changed my views or ideals since back when I was a "normal" American.

I still believed that America, as I knew her, is the greatest Nation in the history of man. I still believed in God and Judeo-Christian morality, in the absolute value of the nuclear, hetero-sexual family. Anyone who argued against America in my presence still had a fight on their hands with an opponent who never learned to quit.

I recognized years ago that too many good American citizens had disengaged from their duty as citizens. Too many were willing to ignore the tyranny of the ever expanding government in the hands of self-serving politicians. I didn't have a voice that reached beyond my friends and associates and felt powerless. The new media changed that for all of us. We have no more excuses. We must rise to our duty as citizens and fight for this Nation here at home.

I call myself a Traditional American so that others can recognize me as a citizen who believes in America's founding principles, our Traditions as Americans. I have found that this label does not recall the media applied stigmas that have become attached to all of us "conservatives". Am I also a "Conservative" ? Of course I am and anyone who enters a conversation about the state of our Nation for more than one sentence knows that immediately. The neat thing is that they are still making conversation instead of drawing preconceived conclusions.

We are called to our duty as citizens to awaken our fellow Americans, enlist them in this fight, and raise the strongest voice heard in 233 years for the Real Americans to stand to the line and never yield our place until Victory is etched in the granite of the heart of OUR Nation once again. Fight hard, never falter. WE will NOT be RULED !!"

I know that I am a better patriot for having met Fred Houck, but after all, America produces millions of examples of this simple Idaho American, all across this great land. It is why Fred loved his fellow Americans, his country and the promise it holds for his children and grandchildren, to pursue their individual happiness. The world has never known real freedom, before America was born. 

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo, Houck family! Your husband, father, grandfather was a wonderful man, who fought hard to keep you free and proud! It was an honor to know him.

Please follow this link and sign Fred's quest book.

Friday, July 21, 2017


The problem with politicians isn't just that they are all talk and no action, although true, their real problem is that they live to serve their egos, re-election interests and donors in that order.

They no longer feel embarrassed at being caught in lies, because their integrity is mutable, their honor is self serving, and their expedient conscience is full of guiltless rationalizations. Politics has chemically castrated their conscience and enlarged their egos into believing that their incessant lies to the public, are fair play and necessary if one hopes to hold political power. Therefore being politically shrewd in a politician's mind, requires that you shred all vestiges of shame when speaking dishonestly.

Repealing Obamacare was a central political campaign, talking point of the GOP since it was passed in 2010. First, they promised to fight its constitutional lawfulness in the courts. Their efforts and determination to that task was, quite frankly, limp fisted.

Second, they promised to defund Obamacare in the House, again their tough talk resulted in failures because the Democrat controlled Senate slapped away all those budget provisions. Lastly, the GOP promised to repeal Obamacare, even though Harry Reid's Senate threw out all the repeal bills. However, for those that suggested that because the Democrats had control of the Senate, and that Obama would veto any bill repealing or defunding Obamacare, that it was a masturbatory political exercise, yes and no. 

Yes the passing of a repeal bill was impossible, but using the Democrats defeat of repeal bills to highlight their encampment with dictatorial big government and disregard for Middle America would have been a win. Only Ted Cruz's  and Doctor Zeus's "Green eggs and ham" won. 

The GOP knew they would fail, the GOP knew they were handcuffed to Obamacare, until they had the majority in both the House and Senate. So they then campaigned heavily on that issue at each election cycle, imploring voters that if they wanted to restore a private marketplace in healthcare insurance, then they needed to defeat Democrats in the Senate and give the GOP control.

The GOP was successful in keeping their majority in the House and gaining the majority in the Senate coupled with winning the White House in 2016. So Obamacare is repealed, right? After seven long years the GOP has a well thought out set of laws that help Americans see more choice and experience lower rates in their healthcare insurance costs, right? The GOP would never have played bait and switch for years and now want to go from repealing Obamacare, to saving Obamacare, right?

Wrong! Politicians tell us that it is complicated. They tell us that you can't just repeal a huge Bill that has many tangled tentacles that could have damaging impact on multiple industries and patients. They tell us that it can't be repealed but must be bailed out, and slowly unwound, in order to cause the least pain and panic to the industry and policy holders. Wait, what? 

So Trump touts on the campaign trail that Congress should repeal and replace. After Trump and Americans heard for years that the GOP had better solutions. Therefore, if repealing Obamacare leaves a mess, then let's repeal the mess of Obamacare and immediately replace it with the GOP alternative. Right?

 Okay, sounds reasonable, so what has the GOP come up with as a replacement of Obamacare? Is their plan a great, free market, patient driven, choice laden set of laws that would reign in insurance companies, create competition and keep government out of snooping into our lives? Nope, wrong again. It was a bailout bill for big insurance. 

You see, the GOP had a campaign talking plan, not a real written down and workable plan. The GOP had a sales pitch, but there was no showroom behind them. They never had a product, just the sales pitch for the phantom product. Worse, for seven years the insurance companies have been filling the GOP's re-election campaign troughs, and whispering sweet promises of more donations in their ears, if they would bail them out when Obamacare collapsed.

Yes, most of the GOP lives in the swamp with Democrats and enjoys that the muck flows downhill and away from their fancy shoes. The GOP is as politically rotten to the core of its crabapple as the Democrats. The Democrats let the big insurance companies write Obamacare, make billions and gobble up all their smaller rival insurance companies, and now the GOP is going to bail these greedy two-timing companies out, because they bet on a lame liberal horse. Who gets the spurs to the ribs and the crop stick in the backside hide? Yes, correct, the American taxpayer. We get robbed twice in our wallet, by high premiums and then stuck in the delicate area again by taxpayer money handed over for insurance bailouts.

But that is how the Washington swamp works. This is why we refused to elect another talking head politician and Trump won the presidency. This is why Americans don't trust politicians, don't like politics and are angry at the deafening sound of our underrepresented voice.

Here is an idea: make all Insurance policies become health negotiated bond-like policies, that have a monetary price, where premiums become like monthly mortgage payments. One can buy a few thousand dollar policy (rent a room) of a few million dollar policy, (huge house) similar to house buying. When one gets ill, the money transfers out of the Health bond (not allowed to be traded in the Wall Street market) and there are ZERO provisions excluded because your policy is about having health money not a contract of coverage. Government offers low interest bonds for the poor and the insurance companies stop dictating what medical procedures are experimental and therefore, not covered. Patients can decide how to use their tax free healthcare bonds, to buy more coverage, as their wallets permit. 

Of course tort reform, and other legislative acts such as allowing those healthcare bonds to be purchased outside of state lines, able to be willed to surviving family members and or used to cover funeral expenses, could be enacted.

So the catastrophic health care plan would transform and become a healthcare bond similar to a (healthcare savings account) but with the benefit of buying as big a health bond dollar value as you can afford. Equally, if you default on the bond, as if when you default on a mortgage, you could lose your bond, but you could negotiate a lower monthly rate, based on a lower bond value, and as your income and financial circumstances change, you could increase the dollar value on your health bond, in the future.

This is an example of good ideas out in America (this one being mine) that the GOP could be proposing as legislation. 
Time for the voters to spit out their demand to the GOP to repeal Obamacare. Time to rinse and flush out the non-conservatives in the Party in 2018. Time to spit out in e-mails and phone calls to their Representatives, the many ideas that would help healthcare insurance be fair, competitive and workable in the free market for all.

Monday, July 3, 2017


The president of the United States is single handedly taking down the corrupt liberal media that has dominated the political debates in this country for more than forty years. Trump's direct stand against media reporters, that seek to make headline fame off of sleazy superlative, exaggerated embellishment and fabricated falsehoods, has the mainstream media in a tizzy, and more importantly, has them choking on air. 

The President has used his twitter sword to cut through the media's tortured truth and destructive misinformation leaving news outlets holding mountains of fermenting manure, that finally smells as bad as it stinks. He has exposed the media's antagonistic antipathy toward the American people and the values that we hold dear.

In the many years that media has held power, the GOP have never been able to do more than take the punishment, bend over and ask for a kiss when their dignity had been violated, time and time again. The media owned conservative Washington politicians, much to the sickening shame, and downright furious frustration, of their voters.

The GOP always had the same response to the "gotcha" questions of the liberal press, that smeared their good name and campaign hopes. The GOP always have the same strategy to fend off the constant negative stories the press pumped out, like a factory against conservative politicians. The GOP always had the same lame plan to defend their honor against the deliberate defaming of their character, in every election cycle. Their plan, strategy and response was always, be nice, make nice, and smile while the propagandists pounced against their backsides.

It did not work, never worked, and never had the hope of ever working, yet decade after decade the GOP made the media more and more powerful by cowering and caving in their chickenhearted role as the victim, to the media bullies. 

Now, finally, Americans have a President that doesn't smile at them, won't drop his pants, doesn't apologize for phony facts, doesn't bow to the media's perceived majesty, or feels obligated to shine their big muffed microphones. No Trump treats the press as the fallible, mortal, and agenda driven beings that they are, but refuse to admit. 

Some reporters are fair and interested in informing the public, while most others in today's media are promoters of global liberalism and fame vultures that feed off the carcasses of conservative celebrities they have disgraced. Indeed, most of the political reporters need the carrion left by scandals to fuel their "wake" (group of vultures) on cable news to compete in today's media market buffet table. 

For too long the haughty huffy puffy Press, has used their 4th estate motto of public service, to shield and moat themselves an impenetrable fortress from being scrutinized for bias, corruption and downright dishonesty. Trump has twittered away, the political Press's pontificating pretense as public watchdogs, and exposed them as small bloodsucking leeches. Leeches that have been boring into the brains of the unassuming public, in order to meld with their minds, and indoctrinate a world view that is a fake, faux, phony and fabricated view, that only exists inside the small minded leftist's vision of America.

The press is guarding the swamp. It is facilitating Washington's false gods and it has been instrumental in promoting a leftist minority agenda in order to convince citizens that social progressive liberalism is the only political religion that Americans should seek to bow and pray. 
The mainstream media has spread this sewage of seditious slander against America's foundational values with the approval of their corporate owners, Democrat patrons and yes the GOP's deadwood resistance. Americans have longed for the day when the political field would be treated equally and fairly by a professional media, not pushing an agenda on people against their American pride. In fact, it seemed hopeless that anyone or anything could stop the DNC tanked media from misusing the airwaves to trash tradition and flap their fetid fertilizer of humanistic hogwash as factual fruit and rob our nation's youth of common sense, with their incessant idiocy of political correctness and the regurgitated refuse of anti-American ideas such as socialism. Who could stop their witless foolery?

Well, pat yourself on the back if you, always liked Trump for his bombastic nature, his brassy boldness and his righteous honesty. We all know that you don't take a mouse to help you fight the bullies, and the leftist media has been bullying conservatives while the wimpy GOP squeak and then hide in a hole. No it takes a bully turned body guard to fight bullies, and Trump promised he would fight for us. He promised he would get our lunch money back from the swamp bullies. He promised he would defend America and Americans and make the country great again.

The GOP needs to stop acting as though voters prefer their sissy act as opposed to Trump's direct confrontation in which he slams the slammers, defames the defamers and shames the scammers. The weak knees of the GOP and their so called dignified history of making themselves invisible to the monstrous conservative eating press, has wrought nothing but anguish for American patriotism.

No, the days of wimpy GOP leadership and the void of conservative voice is counting down rapidly as the swamp gets drained. The Republican quislings might be the last found in the murky muck as they hide behind skirts, behind the Press, behind the Democrats, behind the lobbyists and behind their congressional aides, but eventually the citizens will bait the polls and catch the cheesy cowards that helped the swamp thrive, and see the return of America's greatness. Happy Independence day!