Tuesday, June 19, 2018


The long awaited Inspector General's report is now before our eyes and it is both, a narrative of what we already knew and expected, while also being a whitewashed document.

Of course it has tad bits of information, such as how the media bribed federally officials with sporting tickets and free dinners to obtain leaks. And yes it provides new text messages that shed light on just how much these elitist's snobs, spew vile invectives about the electorate. However, it concludes that justice was not waived for Hillary Clinton, which is a whitewashing of the truth and an unmitigated and disgraceful pander to federal authority.

We will never be able to drain the swamp, if a slap on the wrist is the only result from this traitorous coup attempt by Obama's gang of partisan posses. Learning that our government covered up crimes, selectively leaked information, by a media handing them candy, and tried to seat one candidate and ruin the campaign opportunity for the opposition party, is Cuba and Castro-like, not American and lawful.

Worse, shortly after the release of this document that proves that the FBI violated the law and every ethical protocol it stands for, the new director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, has the cheek to claim, that there was not bias at the FBI, and with better training the agency will be just fine. 

Oh but then again, it does get worse, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions praises the new FBI director's comments, as though the DOJ and the FBI only tried to steal a cookie from the proverbial jar, and like impish faced schoolboys, felt an apology is all that is required, to move on.

No Mr. Attorney General, and no Mr. Director, these aren't cookie crumbs, these are allegations of traitor-ship and subversive behavior, that have Americans blood boiling in their main arteries. How dare any in the Deep State try and downplay the evidence, we see before our eyes, now that the sewer cap has been removed, and we only get a glimpse of the fetid stank that lies below our shining city on the Hill.

Why should Americans have confidence in an FBI so easily swooned by bribery, to sell out our nation's foundation of law and order. Why should we trust a Department of Justice, that has brought forth zero justice, for the victims of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and instead allowed the deep state corruption to creep, to fester and lead to an election coup, by the schemer in chief, Obama and his plaque recreant rats. 

No AG Jeff Sessions, Americans do not trust the DOJ. We do not trust the FBI. We do not, and will not believe, that this farce of justice is a small matter, that can be swept under the rug by a changing of the top guards. The prosecutors in the DOJ did not speak out. The agents in the FBI did not speak out. The corruption has legs deep into both departments, as deep, as that dark cavernous sewer hole, that portends to snake itself throughout the underground tunnels, under the people's Capital.

Americans are tired of wishes, promises and halfhearted apologies. We want indictments, we want prosecutions of all, (including Obama) involved in the criminal sedition of destroying our nation and the public trust. Nothing less than that, will ever convince the people, that the Deep State has been put on notice and the sewers have been filled with cement.

So we wait again for another report, while the perpetrators wine and dance proclaiming their innocence and hoping their unrepentant lies will leave them free from accountability.

Justice is slow, indeed painstakingly sloth-like in its speed, which makes the expression "swift justice" an oxymoron, however, we the people will wait for as long as it takes, for our country to find its senses and dispense with traitors.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


The revelations that the Trump campaign was wiretapped and scandalized based on a warrant from a  dossier, paid for and requested by the opposition party, Hillary Clinton, would be at any other time in media, a colossal corruption story! 

We would have 24 hour coverage of the latest tidbits of information scooped out by ambitious journalists. We would hear the drumbeat of questions asked of Barrack Obama: "What did the president know, when did he know it, and what did he do with the information that was obtained?" Instead, the story is hidden on the back pages.

Who killed journalism? Who killed unbiased reporting? Who killed the press's allegiance to their one and only boss, the truth? The globalist corporations have taken over America's newsrooms and are no longer the watchdogs for the American people, but instead our media outlets have become long commercials for the interests of billionaire oligarchs seeking to sell America's assets, as easily as Hillary and Obama sold our uranium to the Russians.  

How does the country take back the news rooms from the conglomerates with multinational interests, that want to erase the lines of sovereignty, in order to profiteer? 

For make no mistake, Big Brother is already here and altering how Americans buy, sell, trade and think about society, without any push back by those in Congress, that Americans expect to represent both the citizens and our Constitution. 

Facebook, Twitter, cell phone companies and media monopolies have thumbed their nose at the Bill of Rights and have violated the public's privacy because they make money selling information. Our government does nothing, why? Well, that's because our government is spying on the citizen as well, but using it to supposedly to catch "bad guy" only.

Now we have a political party (DNC) so corrupted by power lust, that they earnestly sought to rig a presidential election by lying to the courts to obtain warrants, listening to private conversations, planting spies in the opposition's campaign, and cajoling the egos of staffers for the purpose of entrapment, all for the sole purpose to produce a narrative of wrongdoing, that would convince the electorate not to vote for (Trump) a Putin puppet. 

It is so vile, so unlawful, so despicable and so un-American, our nation has not yet begun to process the devilishness of this intricate web of lies and spies we have dubbed the "silent coup".

Yet, silence is the operative word, because our syndicate media is as much a part of this unfolding scandal, as are the many officials in the Obama administration. 

We have heard that there are honorable FBI agents that are appalled at what Comey and McCabe were doing to their agency. We have heard that there are career prosecutors at the DOJ that are upset at what Holder and Lynch did to destroy trust in the justice department. We have heard that honorable men and women served our country under these unscrupulously traitorous bureaucratic hacks, but how does that comfort us?

They never spoke up. They never blew the whistle. They went about their jobs silently angry perhaps, but nonetheless dutifully quiet while Obama's corruption flourished.

Trump won the election, but what if he didn't? Would any of this coup be exposed? Would Americans know anything about the sham called the 2016 election, replete with fake dossiers, British spies and fraudulent warrants? 

No, the answer is no, the silence would be deafening by a cartel media interested only in being a lackey for their corporate owners. The media was in love with Hillary, not the public. The media prop up the numbers in her campaign rallies that were tiny in comparison to Trump's crowds on the campaign. Corporate America wanted Hillary to win because the "devil you know, is better than the devil you don't know". Hillary was bribable and all the corporate oligarchs knew that about her. Trump was the unknown.

So, all these FBI agents and perhaps some DOJ people want to speak to Congress, now. Now, after a year and a half of Mueller's poison tree investigation into the completely fabricated narrative of a Trump and Russian collusion conspiracy. Gee, thanks government agents, for sticking your necks out, NOT.

If Hillary was in office would you still be willing to talk, or would you be doing the queens bidding and asking no questions? Being a whistleblower is rough, and you lose a lot, job, career and reputation, however you swore an oath to the country's Constitution. Your silence when Obama and his men sullied our nation's Constitution was cowardly because you promised to "defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and did not speak up during or even after the 2016 campaign ended. So thanks for proving that a coup, is not only possible in our government, but forebodes that there will be more clever coups in our future.

As for the Oligarchy we currently are living under by media, We the People are going to have to be our own news source, by rejecting corporate talking heads and suing social media that bans us and remaining skeptical about our government and political parties.

  Get out your ten foot pole and keep the politicians and the talking heads at a safe distance, from you and your children, because the corporate interest, are only interested, in selling you out!

Friday, May 18, 2018


The way of the Deep State, to explain all their sordid nefarious affairs, that bust out of the closet, is by leaking the images of  lipstick wearing pigs and calling them beauty pageant runners up.

Swamp dwellers in the DOJ and the FBI leaked to the New York Times the story of a diabolical election intrusion into the Trump campaign, called "Operation Crossfire Hurricane" that sought to entrap Trump's campaign staffers in crimes of conspiracy. 

The sole intent, of these makeup smeared swine, was to indict Trump and malign his candidacy so Hillary Clinton could walk into the Oval Office, as easily as she rigged the DNC primary against Bernie Sanders.

If for some unknown "deplorable" reason, she lost the presidential bid, then the Trump Russian collusion scandal fomented by the entrenched deep state, would surely force the unwitting political novice, Trump, to scurry from office with his head in hand. Or so they hoped and connived.

But what these thieves of our Republic did not expect were two outcomes. One that Trump would handily beat Hillary Clinton and two, that Donald Trump does not cower to those that throw scandalous accusations his way. Some say it is his weakness, to need to slap back at his deriders, while others know it to be his strength, to slay the swamp of detractors, that live in Washington's pork rind whore house, as they roll in the mud, with their lackey liberal media bedfellows.

Which leads us back to why the New York Times, was chosen by the squealing deep state swine, to explain the indefensible. The liberal rag was tasked to find shoes that fit hoofed feet of this rancid political scandal, and a coverall that slims the corpulent sow, into not looking so beastly bereft of beauty. It did not succeed, as most of us await the fire spit, to skewer all the Obama administration piglets, that participated in what is the worst corruption scandal that could ever have been imagined, by the most creative of fiction writers. Yes, the smoldering coals are almost at temperature and ready to cook, deep state bacon.
The bad news for the Democrats and their unhinged media, is that while they cried constantly about a wolf out to eat the sheep, (Trump's Russian collusion) the true threat to the electorate, was the pig farm, (silent coup by Obama administration) that smelled in the air for months, growing stronger daily.

Even though mainstream media ignored its obnoxious odor, that wafted up the people's nostrils in great offense, most still noticed the stench of Obama's coup, in spite of the fragrant masking spray agents, media used, by a constant fanning of anti-Trump rhetoric. The truth was too acrid to disguise, especially when the perpetrators, huffed and puffed, about their egomaniacal superiority to Trump and his voters.

The soup on the Democrat and deep state stove wasn't Russian borscht, and it didn't smell like beets but instead their cooking stank, like someone spraying the excrement from a hog farm over every blade of grass in America.  

James Comey's charade book tour, that could be titled, " I was an angel, in service to the American people, in my own imagination", only increased the rancid odor. Mueller's sharecropping of low lying Papadopoulos fruit only solidified our suspicions that poisonous trees were being used to lead Americans away from the real cause of the olfactory affront, Hillary's elite immunity from prosecution for her crimes, and the ironic Mueller investigation, that without evidence of crimes, looked to prosecute Trump.   

The more the Democrats Schiff in their seats and make outlandish slurs against Trump's campaign staffers, slandering them as involved in a plot of Russian conspiracy to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, the more the public holds their noses and wonders if congressional immunity, makes lawmakers think theirs doesn't stink?

But it does smell. It smells bad. It smells so bad even the farm animals are mooing and moaning in disgust. Washington is not just a rancid cesspool of moochers and trough eating swindlers, but they now have dug their hooves deep into the fetid earth beneath their sty, and have treasonously tried to overturn this nation's stable pillar of our Republic. By boring out political tunnels into the opposition camp, they have not only savaged faith in democratic elections, they have made our country ripe for an elite dictatorship. It should make all Americans call for Obama's cabal of criminal swine to be excoriated with all public eyes upon them and until their hides become pork rinds.
How is it possible that the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ all conspired to smear, to spy, embed, entrap and create an "insurance policy" election coup, to stop Trump from being President, and to ruin his presidency as soon as possible, if their vile plot, failed to seat their queen, of sour scent, Hillary Clinton?

Beware America because the barnacles on our ship of state, cling to the sides of our listing ship with fierce strength, because the good guys in government have shown weak hearts, weak minds and weak muscles to scrap these invasive traitors off the Beltway walls and send them to Leavenworth, where they belong.

Sorry, devils but we don't need to be introduced, we are not pleased to meet you, and we have guessed your names! There can be no justice in America if Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Comey McCabe, Yates, Rice, Jarrett, Ohr and all of the other countless misfit minions like Strozk and Page don't end up, getting the full weight of the law reigning down upon their heads. 

Sorry, New York Times but you have failed to dress the pig as a seductively innocent sow and turn around the truth that "Operation Crossfire Hurricane" was just another dutiful covert operation by the FBI to keep America safe. We know it was a dictator-like coup that threatened and still threatens to rot our Republic from the inside out, if it hasn't already been devoured by progressive maggots.

Sorry, deep state swamp swimming elitists but you should be "schooled with a strap right across (your) backs." Those entrenched bureaucrats that hide in the shadows need to go back to the "toothless bearded hag" that raised them and hope they don't get jumped, jacked and flashed as the traitor cowards, that they smugly don't realize, they have been.
The rift raft of this country have more integrity than those in office, "but it's alright now, in fact, it's a gas" these Obama flash pan liberals will jump when they feel the jack hammer of truth, that is about to fumigate the stench of what was the Obama administration. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018


How dare Mueller and his cohort Rosenstein, tie up the hands of a duly elected sitting President, over their own sour grape vendetta! How dare the Republican Congress continue to funnel money to an investigation gone wild! How dare the Democrats and fake news media continue to gossip like insecure school girls, and detract against Trump, and the people who voted for him, every damn hour of every damn day! 

Americans are heading into primary election season amazed at how many dark clouds are clearing in their world, while the politicians are screaming for us, to not trust our own eyes.

Trump has made a big impact, both domestically and in foreign policy, in such a short time, in spite of the Mueller investigation, that uses fairyland law, to deem, collusion a criminal act, (which it is not), as Mueller's team of Democrats snoops into the President's affairs, like peeping Toms, pawing through a teenage girl's panty draw.

 How dare Mueller raid Trump's lawyer's office and defile "Attorney client privilege" like a  nosy parker. Why aren't  more lawyers  and organizations like the ACLU, not beating their chests, and demanding proof, why Mueller sinks his fangs, into one of the oldest recognized privileges?

The American people have been subjected to an ongoing charade by the swamp things in Washington, for over a year. Yet, no one in Congress has called a halt, to this unfair and despicable investigation in search of a crime.

The gang of political minions in the Beltway swamp, with the head muckrakers, Mueller and Rosenstein, have been roiling the Trump campaign waters looking for crimes, scandals and opposition ammunition, in order to deter any more outsiders from seeking elected office after Trump.

You see, both the Democrats and the Republican parties don't appreciate a non-bribe taking, non- donor driven and problem solving representative, from invading their corrupt political system. They don't want Trump to be successful because they don't want other billionaires to want to run to aid the country, because it would ruin their political game, of cat and mouse with the electorate.

Yes, it is just that simple, and disturbingly mafia-like of their mindset, of those who make their fortunes, off the political confidence game in Washington. The Senators and Reps aren't becoming millionaires because they marry up, no, insider trading and advance knowledge of things like off-ramps in their states, have allowed these thieves to stuff their portfolios with numerous financial goodies. Independent candidates without need or greed of money, would expose their good old boy swamp club, and they are incensed that voters would choose an outsider, over their familiar, two-faced, faces.

And if you think that this Mueller investigation is just a witch hunt that will fade away without finding anything in the tall grass, or just another goose chase in which one catches only feathers, think again. All the people that worked on the Trump campaign are being pressed, squeezed and pick-pocketed by a rogue federal government with zero accountability.

 Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to cause the people who worked on Trump's campaign, to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees, let alone have their families suffer the emotional stress, from a prosecutor that has used sledgehammer tactics, and guilty until proven innocent slander of witnesses.

How dare the swamp create a medieval inquisition in which the heresy, is of being associated with a non-politician, winning the presidency of the United States! How dare they violate Trump's privacy and all the staffers in his campaign, without any proof whatsoever, that crimes were committed! How dare they, yes they, the Swamp of Washington, handcuff one of the most transformative Presidents the American people have had since, say Washington, Lincoln, or Teddy Roosevelt, take your pick. 

The "silent coup" by the "deep state" has been outed but all its lies and subversive actions, yet most of the coup gang, still remain free of prosecutorial investigation, while a duly elected outsider to the swamp, has been encircled by both political creatures in Washington, to the determent of our nation. 

Americans want the book thrown at the real culprits, of real crimes, which includes Obama and his crew of sniveling seditious sycophants, that tried to rig the 2016 elections and install their queen of debauchery, Hillary Clinton.

Americans want the Mueller investigation to end and Congress to start working with the President for the interests of the average American and not their swamp donors.

Americans want exactly what we voted for, a President beholding to no lobbyists, no special interest, no hog tied trade and or treaty agreements, and a secure border that walls off terrorists and illegal aliens.

How dare you, (the swamp), continue to try and stifle the people's mandate! Well let's see how well you do in the upcoming 2018 elections. We dare you to keep subverting Trump policy. We dare you to keep selling us leftist lies in the face of pragmatic reality. We dare you to continue to thwart the American progress towards making our country great again. 
Yes we double dare you! (2016 and now 2018)!