Monday, December 4, 2017


So it appears that Congress has a taxpayer funded slush hush fund to try and silence their sexual harassment abuse victims, and now some of the victims are speaking out. Anyone who believes that the term "swamp" for Washington is demeaning unwarranted hyperbole, think again. This is a revelation that only surprises those voters either still asleep to truth, or purposefully closing their eyes. Everyone who is "woke" to Capitol Hill, knows this house of the people has become a dung heap.
The hubris of our representatives knows no bounds, and their elitist arrogance is a slap in the face to all taxpayers. They cavort on the taxpayers dime, all with their hands in the taxpayer's pockets and apparently while up the dress of those who work in their office. 

Seems that this was a shoe that was up in the air quite a long time, before it dropped in the proverbial doo doo. Why did it takes so long to out this, SUZIE-SHUT-UP slush fund? Where is Paul Ryan? Where is the Demon-crat leadership outrage, on this real, war on women? Where was the media? 

Oh that's right, the media has been politicized by the left for decades and they never eat their own,  iconic idiots(Democrats). Instead liberal media prefers to dish up only Republican scandals while keeping hush, the salacious acts and demeaning desires of Democrats because it is part of the prostitution press's agreement with progressive globalists aims. Oh and yes, the media is filled with leftist commentators who sexually assault and harass women too, so it is standard operating procedure to get nothing but hypocrisy from liberals, who have the cheek to blame Republicans, of waging "war on women".  Now their slogans are nipping their backsides.

It is similar to the Catholic church preaching morality and then money hushing the victims of pedophile priests and wondering why their parishioners don't show up for mass. Double standards, hypocrisy, elitist exemptions and above the law privilege, is unraveling the left. From Ted Kennedy to John Conyers, from Charlie Rose to Matt Lauer, it isn't only Hollywood that has perverted skeletons in the closet. 

What does it all mean? It means three things. One, that the left has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to claiming moral outrage over any sexual scandal involving any candidate in any election, and the voters can ignore their pretentious puffery designed to shame their vote. 

Two, the swamp is real, the swamp is foul and the swamp should make any Democrat and independent voter think twice about spewing invectives against conservatives while their own house of glass is shattering. The DNC is just as rife with sex scandal, money scandal, power abuse, bribery, arrogance to the law and their hollow holier than thou attitude over the opposition party, is a con game now exposed.

Three, the power of the media was the power protector of the swamp, but now that machine engine, just threw a rod. The media's days of being a body guard of the progressive left's motor mouth of lies, has run out of manufactured lubricant and the sloganeering of the DNC are just fumes from a parked idling vehicle, that is no longer operational. It is beyond fake news it has now become a game of hide the truth from the people by smearing their own dirty hands on the kettle, to call it black.

The real undermining of our government goes well beyond the salacious sex scandals by congressional representatives because the worse threat to our nation are revelations buried behind the headlines that hints of complete heresy of oath by most of our federal government agencies. The career bureaucrats in our government are partisan liars, blackmailers and quiet quislings that pretend to be answerable to the Constitution but in fact, cower to the swamp creeps.

There are so many questions that yet to be answered for the American people before citizens can ever trust their government again.

Americans want to know who created the 17 million slush fund and where is that, itemized in the congressional budget?

We want to know why the FBI and DOJ were more interested in finding and punishing the whistleblower of the Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting, instead of investigating the obstruction of justice implicit in that unethical meeting.

We want to know why Imran Irwan, a Pakistani IT worker and Debbie Wasserman Schultz staffer was allowed unfettered access to Congressional computers without a professional security check on his background? We want to know if he had access to the DNC computers, and why in the age of cyber espionage and potential blackmail, did congresswoman Schultz continue to pay his salary when it was clear he was a shady player?  

We need to have a real impartial prosecutor investigating Uranium One, and the infamous Dossier and get the answers as to why Mueller is allowed to chase ghosts, while real treachery involving our nation's integrity is blatantly ignored. 

We need to know why Jeff Sessions refuses to investigate Hillary, Comey, Lynch, lerner, Brennan, Rice, Clapper and Obama for crimes that corrupted our justice system from blind prosecution to favoritism, from treating taxpayers equally to targeting conservatives. We need to know if the FBI dupe the FISA court with an unsubstantiated Russian written dossier in order to spy on Trump and other private citizens?   

We need to know why the swamp is allowed to care nothing for a Mary Jo Kopechne (the average American) or Juanita Broaddrick, that were caught up in the swamp claws of political power. But when it comes to government whistleblowers against corruption, instead of thankfulness, our federal law enforcement stands on its head to protect the slimy Deep state sludge, still holding dark secrets and wielding shadowy power. 

It is time for the Chappaquiddick, (Indian for: separated Island), elite on the island of Washington, to be brought to the mainland for justice, voter flogged and reminded, that their election to represent us, does not mean that they can ignore their benefactors. The people, the voters, built the bridge that sent them to the Beltway island and the people can ferry them back to obscurity, if they continue to burn the bridges between right and wrong, ethical and illicit, lawfulness and lawlessness, accountability and prosecutorial absolution.

It is time for all voters to view all silent incumbents in Washington as colluders and intruders waging a seditious undermining of our freedom, our distinct Constitution and our unique separation of powers. It is our duty as citizens to demand that the swamp dwellers who are corrupt, be investigated and any silent condoners be voted out of office. 

Time to Chapp-a-quit the charade that government is honorable. It is time for the good civil service men and women in government to speak out, speak up and blow the lid off of the  corrupt bureaucrats and career vultures in the United States Republic. You owe it to your country and your country's men and women to help restore our nations values, good faith and once respected government ethos, that no one is above the law, yes even Ted Kennedy and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Our so-called intelligence agencies were weaponized under Obama. Case in point, the phony dossier on Trump, paid for by the DNC, a DNC, that was owned by Hillary Clinton, that has led to Russian collusion  investigations of her political opponent Donald Trump.

In what fair and free election world, is that normal? In what independent federal intelligence and law enforcement world is that standard operating procedure? In what world, where honest and fair minds evaluate facts, is this not slimy, illegal and completely abhorrent election rigging by the Obama administration and candidate Hillary Clinton? Is this not engaging in election collusion, and using our national security and intelligent agencies to try and guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency?

 Answer, this is so spoiled, and so deeply core rotten, that it should make Americans, disgusted, angry and hopeful. Yes, I said hopeful. Think of it. If you believe that there is a shadowy dark evil that undermines the will of the people, and it is hiding from the view of those who could bring about change, but they deny it exists, then change will not happen. If you have felt that our elections have been rigged from the ballot box to the DNC embedded in our news rooms, but have been called a conspiracy chaser without proof, you will not see those responsible exposed. If you believe, that Washington is a cabal of corrupt establishment of elitists players that break financial, election and constitutional laws routinely but are never held accountable, and instead the agents of change are attacked, then change will never be made if those secrets stay hidden.

The revelations of late are too big to bail, by the Washington elite, that think they are too big to jail. Yet, the long trail of odious droppings by the swamp dwellers lead all Americans to the brink of the stink as it reveals the creatures lair. The truth is always hidden under many different piles of lies, the hope we should all have is that finally, the disinformation media can't bury it, anymore.

Everyone knows that in order to bake a cake, you must crack some eggs. In order to clean out the barn, you must get dirty. Therefore, in order to "Drain the swamp" Americans must cover their clothes and hold their noses, while the smell of rotten eggs and filthy muck starts running down main street. As foul as that ooze may be running along the public sidewalk, it also should make one feel refreshed that the Washington abscess is a pus bubble long needing to be burst.

We need to be hopeful that our so-called intelligence agencies claims, that there was evidence of Trump collusion with Russia that justified special investigator Mueller's inquiry, have been either lying out of political allegiance to Obama or duped by Obama and Hillary because of their complete ineptitude at intelligence gathering. We all suspect the former, although Brennan and Clapper are none too swift.

 Americans now know about the fake dossier and the Obama involvement in unmasking, as he served up this manure (dossier) to his intelligence departments and then declassified it, to ensure leaking would occur by the deep state to the disinformation spreading media, in order to assist Clinton by hurting Trump. You see the more people that tell the same lie, the more credible a lie appears to be, or at least that how Obama and Hillary planned to fool voters.

 Should there be any doubt, that if Hillary won the election, then none of us would know that the dossier was garbage, paid for by Clinton? I think Donna Brazile would have stayed silent (one way or another) about Hillary owning the DNC, and rigging the Democrat primary. 

Mueller and the liberal apologists may have thought that they could slap the sow, (Paul Manafort) and distract Trump voters into believing that the Russian witch-hunt is real, but the real rats have run out of the swamp and are all hiding in plain sight on another tree, while Mueller's team looks foolish barking at a stump.

Yes, we need to be hopeful, not discourage. The swamp is being uncovered and the old political tricks of diversion don't work, now that fake news has been outed, the DNC has been outed, and even the Hollywood stumping for liberals service has been outed, as Perve-y-wood.  

Yes, it all smells bad and is hard to stomach as it oozes out into main street, but that is exactly what is entailed in draining the swamp. We must endure the stench of the first pricking of the cyst that squirts out the polluted fluids filled with political bacteria we know Beltway politics contains.

Get your hankies out because more drainage will come as the impenetrable Washington wall weakens further and we learn how stupid the excuses sound by those who are so-called intelligence officers, charged with protecting our nation. 

Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch and Mueller are either too dumb to watch a pot boil, or they were all corrupt and violating their constitutional oath to give an oath of loyalty to Hillary and Obama's thief-Dom instead of their country's honor.

The world is watching our swamp media spew lies, our college youth act like indoctrinated spoiled brats, our legislators are refusing to represent the people's mandate, our civil servants are flaunting their oath of office, our justice department is ignoring high crimes done by cabinet officers and the complete fraudulent activities of our intelligence agencies under Obama, that has made American intelligence look either corrupt as hell, or as dumb as a box of doughnuts.

Trump needs Americans to vote out the career establishment politicians in 2018. He needs a faster nomination process by a friendlier Senate in order to fire the swamp gate keepers and hire honorable government officials. The people elected Trump to be our voice in the White House, and he is holding true to his word, however, the rank and file swamp dwellers are undermining our voices and they need to go. Voters are wadding in the sewers, but we must not give up, now that we have made it this far.
In business you fire people either because they are incompetent or insolent. Congress is full of many in which, both check boxes would be applicable. It is imperative, that liberals are defeated at the polls. It is imperative that GOP quislings are defeated in the primaries. It is imperative that we support the President while the deep state undermines him. We must remain committed, not discouraged to draining the swamp, in order to restore America to her respectful place in the world and give America back to "We the people". Otherwise, we let the swamp win. That would be shameful and foolish.  

Friday, October 27, 2017


So after all the Russian roulette finger pointing, it looks like we are back to the original radioactive scandal, that Obama and Clinton teamed up to collude with the Russians in two toxic ways. The Uranium One scandal and the GPS Fusion phony dossier.

Both of these scandals are toxic, indeed, downright treasonous, and yet last we checked, no grand jury or special prosecutor has been appointed by AG Jeff Sessions. 

The Uranium One scandal is an extremely serious breach of national interests and bribery corruption that leaves citizens angry and confused as to how officials in the Treasury, FBI and DOJ, either, slept or colluded, as Russia ate America's lunch and bribe bought, a uranium mine.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were enriched by the sale of Uranium One to the Russians, in the estimated amount of 33 million in donations to their Foundation and 500 thousand they personally pocketed. Looks like their yellowcake sale, paid big greenbacks to the Clinton gang, while Robert Mueller was FBI director and Holder was head of the DOJ. Does anyone doubt that the Washington "swamp" is real, and emitting radioactive fumes that caused the "Bushes" to burn,  political skin to "Flake" and swamp dwellers to seek to "Corker" the whole establishment outhouse, we call the beltway? 

There is currently a whistleblower who has information on the Russian bribery regarding Uranium One, who was threatened with jail time by Obama's DOJ Loretta Lynch and was afraid to testify before Congress because of a government NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)? Seriously, Comey and Lynch made threats to imprison this whistleblower who wanted to go public to Congress about the Russian uranium bribery scandal. Criminal behavior by officials will never be thwarted if corrupt swamp people can force citizen minions to sign a sheet of "shut-your-mouth" paper, and threaten reprisal if they expose crimes against the state. Isn't that the level of justice one would expect from a Banana Republic? 

Snakes slither away because the reptiles involved, forced parties to sign a shut-up sheet? Fortunately, AG Jeff Session's just released the man from his NDA but going forward Congress needs to review its whistle blower and NDA laws. National security silence should never involved criminal prosecution when the whistleblower seeks to expose bribery and  law breaking on the part of corrupt government officials. One would think that any NDA should be considered null and void, the moment a citizen or official  stands up to corruption and seeks to supply the nation's top law enforcement agency with proof of treasonous and or illegal activity. 

But then again, this is why the Obama administration was so infuriating to citizens paying attention, no one questioned the ethics and the authority of the Obama White House, ever. Not the Republicans, the Press, the Judiciary or the many career civil servants, as his administration was allowed to operate stealthily without scrutiny. The many shady deals done under his helmanship should embarrass and shame all those that worked under his regime.

Worse, these FBI agents, DOJ prosecutors and career public officials continue in their jobs, unaccountable for why they did not speak up against the gross political weaponizing of their so-called service to their nation's  Constitution. A mob boss can't hire a hit man if all his capos refuse to cooperate, and even if all the capos are loyal to the boss and willing to commit immoral acts, that does not insulate the soldiers from accountability for the misdeeds. That means that even the lowest ranking FBI agent or CIA official or IRS agent that knew about the Hillary e-mail cover-up, the Obama corruption, the fake Trump dossier, or the IRS scandal is complicit and an accomplice to crimes against the state.

This is why our government is no longer trusted by the majority of the American people today, and equally why that distrust and disillusionment will grow stronger unless and until criminal penalties are meted out to those responsible, and the passive onlookers are fired without their pensions. 

Cops that watch cops violate the law, assault citizens and plant evidence against the innocent all while keeping silent, are just as guilty and shameless as the bad cop. In fact, an argument could be made that they are worse, since their silence enables the bad behavior and insures that more citizens will become victims of this blue-badge offender. And not until the bad cop is prosecuted and all those fellow officers that knew about the dirty cop and kept silent, are fired and punished will the healing of public trust begin.
America calls Washington the swamp for a reason, and America calls for justice for a reason, and America knows that without substantive punishment for the guilty then government will continue to be viewed as a hostile threat to the American citizen.

 Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS to gather dirt on candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. A salacious unproven dossier mostly written with the help of foreign Russian agents was sent to the FBI and the CIA and also fell into the hands (wink wink) of British intelligence. This campaign slam book was then used by officials in our intelligence agencies to justify FISA warrants, unmasking of Trump campaign staffers, along with allowing Hillary Clinton during the campaign to state that 17 intelligence agencies believe that Russia was helping Trump become their Manchurian candidate for president. 

Remember Hillary's and Trump's third presidential debate;

Clinton -..."the Russians have engaged in cyberattacks against the United States of America, that you encouraged espionage against our people, that you are willing to spout the Putin line, sign up for his wish list, break up NATO, do whatever he wants to do, and that you continue to get help from him, because he has a very clear favorite in this race. So I think that this is such an unprecedented situation. We've never had a foreign government trying to interfere in our election. We have 17, ­­ 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin and they are designed to influence our election. I find that deeply disturbing."

 Oh and she incidentally forgot to tell the American people that she paid for the fake defamation documents, that the information was rubbish, that the Russians wrote most of it, and that she spoon fed the dossier to all the intelligent agencies as though it fell into her lap. That James Comey and the FBI offered to pay for the dossier, and that our top investigating agency might have used this fake dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. We already know the dossier was used by Obama's intelligence agencies to smear the Trump campaign before during and after the 2016 election and is the primary reason Robert Mueller is still rooting around the President's pant legs. 
Meanwhile CNN is still trying to compare Trump's American apple pie (MAGA) to Hillary's Banana scream pie, (WHAT HAPPENED) as the only real, fake news, citizens should be served after digesting the oligachy's harvest buffet of Russian "zakuski" (appetizers) since the 2016 election.  

 No folks the swamp stinks. The swamp lives. The swamp is toxic, but now it has become radioactive or should we say retroactive, as the truth can no longer be submerged. Hopefully, as some real investigations canoe forward into the  deep state of Washington's murky water, rats will be caught, snakes will be bagged and the political swamp thing will be revealed before its fissile danger can destroy our nation. Save those rotten apples and over ripe bananas because the D.C. pillory is about to become full of swamp dwellers.      

Saturday, September 30, 2017


When fans learned that the Pentagon had to pay the National Football League to display the color guard and do jet flyovers for fans, cynicism toward the NFL began to percolate. Realizing that the owners of the NFL that made billions off of TV ads and fan ticket prices but did not wave the ad fee for our country's soldiers and instead pocketed taxpayer dollars to pretend to honor the country's military, rubbed fans fanny's wrong in all the stadiums.

 Brewing more sour taste in the football audience was the fact that NFL had tax exempt status until April of 2015, when bad press made it untenable for the NFL to argue to an angry football audience, that this status for their front office, was financially necessary, so they gave up their exemption.

Now once again the NFL has served up more acidic coffee to the ticket holders and TV audience by allowing highly paid players to sit, kneel and protest the celebratory playing of our National Anthem. 

The NFL will not allow players to wear a decals on their uniform to honor the police that were gunned down in Dallas, Texas, or players' moms that died from cancer, or wear colored shoes to bring awareness to mental illness, because the league argues it would become a slippery slope. Players uniforms would be billboards for so many causes, and perhaps causes the NFL disagrees with, that the NFL wants to retain control of the advertisement on uniforms. However, having a player kneel in protest during the singing of our National anthem, and then later allowing other players to trash the country's symbol of honor to those who died for our freedom, is perfectly fine for the NFL.

Once again hard working patriotic Americans are given the middle finger by elites running the show.     
It is now official, that the ever protesting-everything liberals, have infiltrated America's pastime, ruining the last bastion peace where the working class once reveled as an escape and respite from the politics of life and the world. The cultural anarchist have climbed the gate of America's castle of retreat from life's hardships, to incite a coliseum mentality to sporting events. Even when the fans boo and growl like lions, NFL players have decided that kneeling at the performance of our National Anthem is a valid venue for protest. Their back to the fans, their noses up in the air of arrogance, show that they could care less, if the fans thumbs are up or down. 

When we saw the flag being burned and lived through the many Supreme Court rulings that allowed our country's freedom symbol to be desecrated as a form of protest, we understood the left for what it is, an unpatriotic, ungrateful, spoiled, selfish, cultural pariah, seeking to divide and conquer traditional American values. The Social Justice Warrior, the Democrat Party, the progressives all otherwise  known as the left, have not stopped, nor will they ever stop, trying to destroy American values. Why?

The values of this country will always keep the left from attaining their primary goal. That goal is to change our nation from a constitutional based Republic, full of natural born rights, without governmental control, into a socialist state where government dictates everything.
The left uses the 1st Amendment like a machete, to carve a path of divisive destruction in our culture and then call for, of all things, unity, when Americans react in shock and anger. 

When the football players say stupid things, such that, by taking a knee at the singing of the National Anthem, they are not disrespecting the fallen soldiers, the military, the families of dead soldiers or bashing their country, the fans are not buying it. Fans know, that when you take a dump and try and call it a sweet smelling pile, then you are full of it. It is really quite simple, respect has always been a combination of action and words. You don't laugh at a funeral, you don't swear around young children, you don't fight in church, and you don't sit, kneel or otherwise ignore the National Anthem tribute being paid to our nation's long battle for freedom.

Respect is knowing that there is "a time and a place" for everything. Protesting the anthem at a sporting event satisfies neither. Athletes in America make millions, the National Football League makes billions, because Americans are free, because America has a free enterprise economic system, because millions of American soldiers have died to free us and keep us free.

American fans are outraged and also perplexed. How can the owners of the NFL teams choose to side with the leftist disrespectful protesters and not with the ticket paying fans who support their sport? Why is the NFL trashing their audience, patriotism and a duly elected President for another divisive social justice cause that provides nothing more than cultural upheaval? Why are the major and  local sportscasters left leaning, on TV and radio that support the protesting on the field? Does media even sports media, ever hire conservatives?  

The left has been using every wrong done in America as a sweeping indictment against our nation's character, trying to indoctrinate us into feeling shame rather than pride in our country. That in and of itself, is racists isn't it? When you paint everyone as responsible when only a few are perpetrators. Isn't the argument of the left that racism is profiling and making broad generalizations of people based on a few wrongdoers? How is the country's flag and Anthem trashed, because of a small percentage of ignorant idiots, (which by the way, any society must always suffer fools) is used as a protest stage? Yet, this is the hypocritical logic of the left, America has some injustice, so all of America is unjust. Generalize much?

Worse these fools with a TV camera (ESPN) and a microphone, along with corporate board rooms accept the left's convoluted facts and give these cultural anarchists thugs, the airtime and the stage, to bash our patriotism, trash our elections and preach their zombie hypocrisy. You can't fix anything by demonizing everything, including your tools. But the left is not seeking to love the sinner and hate the sin, but rather to make all of us hated sinners.  

Black Lives Matter is sloganeering that provides zero solutions, and in fact, has generated more racism, and more victimhood mentality, that has become a thug group against Trump supporters.  The left wants to convince people that their causes are justified but after the drama of their protests, nothing gets better, indeed it gets worse. If the cause of BLM were legitimate, if, they were really trying to rid the police force of criminally racists killers, then they would have adopted an "All lives matter" mantra and brought the whole country together to condemn police militancy and deadly brutality.

 Instead, they cheer when cops are killed, and jeer at those that support police. Perhaps they missed the adage "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

But BLM is just another aimless protest by the left, like Occupy Wall Street, that isn't interested in solutions because their real aim, as stated earlier, is to hack away at America's traditional values and turn neighbor against until Americans keel to the notion of needed a fundamental fix to a now dysfunctional culture. And the cure to the dysfunctional culture they created is, big socialist government.

So with the political antics going on in our sports arenas around the country, one has to ask, where is there a political free zone in America today? Political Correctness is rampant. Liberal militancy is as vibrant as ever on campus. Public Schools are busy with a curriculum of liberal indoctrination of youth. Media expounds the evils of Trump voters daily. And wearing a hat that has the anachronism MAGA will get you accused of being a racist, homophobe, bigoted and deplorable citizen.  

 So, we grab a beer and sit down to watch a ballgame, assuming that politics is far, far afield from our view, and what do we see? Highly paid grown men kneeling during the symbolic singing of our country's anthem, before they play a game. A game that they can play because many America men and women died for their right to play. A game that owes its money making ability to the patriotic fans it snubs, that pay their salaries by buying those expensive game tickets. A game that brings leftist indoctrination into our living rooms, by proclaiming that America stinks, because some people are racists. A game that use to be about toughness but now is about how weak, thoughtless, gutless and insensitive to God, Country, Mom and apple pie can cowards become. 

The NFL should be on their knees, praying, that the fans will forgive their complete unconscionable slap to their country's heroes, and their hypocritical capitulation to un-American leftist agitators, while pink shoe tributes to player's dead mothers is banned.  

Changes should be made to the lyrics of the jingle Faith Hill made popular for NBC's Sunday night game, such as " We've been dreading (waiting) all day for Sunday night, the players are ready, to kick the fans in the belly, cause the NFL sucks bowing to P.C. Yeah!"

Or should Hank Williams Jr.  sing for some Monday night knee-ball, "C'mon on get ready, I mean get ready! Cuz all my (ratty) rowdy (leftist) friends are here for Monday night." Yeah, get ready, cuz all my sissy teams got punked by PC!