Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Explosive new information, from the number three official at the Department of Justice, in the Obama administration, by the name of Bruce Ohr, has trickled out in whispers, after his closed door testimony on Tuesday August 28, 2018.

Sources say that Ohr testified that Mueller's top prosecutor Andrew Weismann was made aware of the phony dossier and its use by the FBI to obtain a warrant on Carter Page. The circle is now closing on the gaggle of corrupt actors that tried to fix the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and if she didn't win then the (Insurance step) would be to impeach Trump and ruin his ability to finish his term.

So Obama's intelligence agencies used the NSA to spy, while Hillary paid for the dossier and all the conspiring parties lied to obtain a FISA warrant, and as I write this, taxpayer monies are still funding the very dirty dealers in this obliteration of the 4th Amendment and the integrity of our elections.

Mueller is not just a witch hunt, it is an on-going savaging of the presidency, or a silent coup that is loudly ignored by a corrupt liberal media and the DNC that continues stroke the mythical red Russian herring. This is not an investigation of Russian collusion, but a cleansing operation for the criminal cabal via finding enough dirt on Trump to make their misdeeds seem justified.

What Mueller and his team, seems to not understand, is that the public will never accept, that the ends justifies the means, regardless of what muck is dug up against Trump. Not because they are blindly loyal to Trump, but rather because they are blindly loyal to the Bill of Rights.

Moreover, the FBI has used unethical strong arm tactics against the citizens of this country for decades, and there is little love loss for the institution currently. Indeed there is a long list of FBI corruption and malfeasance starting with the 911 attacks , where the hubris of the intelligence agencies caused a lack of information sharing between FBI and CIA, that may have thwarted the terror plot. The FBI play Obama politics, when it ignorantly refused to call the attack on Fort Hood, a terror attack, but instead, referred to it, as workplace violence, denying victims benefits, until it was finally shamed to change its status.

Need more, what about the completely mishandled, and some say purposefully botched, opportunity to have stopped the Boston Bombings, after the Russians tipped them off early about Tsarnaev.  We can also look at the unjustified killing of rancher Robert Lavoy Finicum in Oregon, a protestor that should never have been murdered. Even before 911, the FEDS have acted without regard for citizen's lives in Waco and Ruby Ridge, and there are countless citizens who view the federal government with fear and loathing. 

Not to mention the bad taste left in the mouth of Americans, who read the Strozk and Page transcript of their incessant texting. Most of the public thought they were reading political porn, that clearly showed a deep, repugnant disdain, that liberal agents and officials have for the average American. It made Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment have context, for we now know, how government officials view John Q. Public, and apparently, we smell as we shop in Walmart.

No, the Mueller team of Democrat lawyers, are really the rancid, foul and putrid players that want to undermine the greatest uprising in the American electorate since Ronald Reagan. It was also Reagan that said that the nine most terrifying words are, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

So we will wait for justice to hopefully uncover the Obama coup and start sending the officials that criminally misused their power, the indictments for crimes, we know they committed, especially Hillary, or we will be treated to a swamp circus of rats running the country and trying to convince us that our disgust is unfounded. 

Frankly, I am not sure this large dung heap of steaming sedition and treachery, can fit under any rug, let alone Washington's large cesspool caverns, where political secrets get flushed away, but we shall see.

We the People shall never be back to normal, if normal, is trusting the polished talking politicians, that promises us the moon, and delivers instead, once elected, their exposed backside. No, that is not the side of the moon we expected, and since Donald J. Trump number 45 has been elected, he has kept most of his promises, only leaving those undone, that Congress has scuttled.

 So don't expect the smelly deplorable masses to be happy with the politicians of yesterday, because there will be a post Trump era, after six more years, that will be expecting more than a slogan and a convoluted explanation, as to why they can't do this and that, promised on the campaign trail. The public will be expecting results and failure will result in more one term wonders. 

Justice will be served by the people either way, handcuffs on Obama and his gang of traitors, or more farmers, businesspeople and unwashed Walmart shoppers running to represent a government, "for the people, by the people, and of the people." (Abraham Lincoln 1863)  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Liberals want big government, oodles of laws and regulations to control how we shop, travel and eat. Liberal progressive have an Orwellian desire to control on our media and social networks, in order to indoctrinate the masses on liberal ideology in order to control thought, culture and eventually raze capitalism so we all become slaves of the state.

Their cult-like belief in a socialist utopia is born out of 3 groups of agitators pushing America toward its Roman downfall. One, are the what I will call the Progressive-cultists followers. These are the true believing simpletons willing to parade for the cause that have been indoctrinated from grade school. Their shallow thinking leads them to expect their lives will be happy and complete, if America adopts socialism, rids itself of Christianity and practices the religion of environmentalism. These people are naive, ambitionless and seek to blame society for their failure to find success in more conventional ways. Some wake up and grow up and out of their moronic viewpoint, while others stubbornly refuse to accept logic into their lives.

The second group are the power-cultists, these are politicians, corporations and all those that seek to benefit from controlling society. They and only they will be powerful in a socialistic world, where they will make the decisions for the masses and be able to keep the goodies for themselves. 

The last group we can call the expedient-cultists. They don't care about the culture, or the utopia but rather their interest is in being able to selfishly game a new system. Be on the ground floor of a new money market, a new Wall Street if you will, so as to enrich their portfolios, or to have the government bail out their businesses. Their interests are purely self-serving and greedy. They know that when old systems are over-regulated, banned or phased out they can invest in the new pretty toy on the block.

George Soros would belong to the expedient-cultists, while Pelosi and Schumer are aligned with the power-cultists and liberal university students would be in the Progressive-cultists group.
All three progressive pot stirrers have the same goal, marginalize our Constitution, change people's buying habits and control citizen's life from birth to death.

Socialism centralizes government, while a Free Market system makes government an outside arbitrator that sets equal rules on the playing field. What America is today is neither socialism nor a Free Market, instead we have termed it a mixed market. Basically, it is a half breed, a mongrel between socialism and capitalism, in which the government has been handed extraordinary power over people's lives.  

Liberals and Progressives want to push our mixed markets into socialism, and some corporations support that idea as long as government doesn't micro-manage their business, all because they enjoy the loan guarantees and bailouts that the federal government offers, otherwise known as corporate welfare.

Small business however are hurt by socialism and mixed markets because they are too small to bail out and government props up their big business competitor, never allowing a fair fight in the marketplace.  When the government steps in to bail out big failing business they save jobs but don't allow small business to grow. If there is never a void left by a large failing business, then small business expansion, entrepreneurial start-ups and competitive innovations suffer. In a Free Market system a bust from one business, is a boom for another. Thus voids are always temporary and normal in the economy that is suppose to fluctuate with ebb and flow.

Our government has  mixed our market by using a form of socialism using counter protective tinkering with regulation, bailouts, and government promoted market capitalization for things like green energy and alternative fuel subsidies. In putting its thumb on the economic scale it has maintained the economy in theory, but has damaged wages, innovation, consumer options, prices and most importantly job creation in America. 

Liberals claim that all the immigrants that come to the United States just want to start their entrepreneurial dreams, however control freak liberals have ruined that dream. These are the same people that support multiple safety and environmental regulations, class action law suits, operation licenses and zoning requirements, just to wash customers hair. The immigrants that came to America at the turn of the 20th century, had skills and worked for cash out of their homes until their cliental became lucrative enough to open a salon on main street. Given today's rules imposed by liberals, the stairway to being a successful immigrant is almost shuttered completely.

It was capitalism or the free market, that allowed our great grandparents the opportunity to rise above the poverty they left from the old country, to the Middle Class life they enjoyed in America. Today's mixed market requires the immigrant to break the law in order to achieve their American dream, and if we were to adopt full socialism, the dream would die out completely.

Socialism thwarts entrepreneurial markets in many ways:

 One, by propping up big business when it fails and not allowing competition to advantage failure.

Two, by over regulations by federal and state laws that make the start up costs for small business financially difficult, let alone, littered with liability under our sue happy society. 

Three, by government fiat, not the consumer, deciding suitable products such by CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards, what new cars will be made, making the government not the open market the driver of what products are deemed safe and preferred. 

Four,  by allowing government corruption of our legislative process in which lobbyists of industry end up writing the legislation that governs them, as in the Affordable Care Act, written by big Insurance companies to benefit their interests over smaller carriers.

Five, by keeping large corporations solvent and negating the organic nature of boom and bust, creating work security at the expense of worker advancement. When there is large scale unemployment people assume the news is all horrible, but the reality is, that many of those temporarily unemployed, find more rewarding and lucrative careers, jobs  and small business ventures that they might not have pursued, if not being laid off. 

Six, invariably an oligarchy forms, in which it becomes apparent that our Congress no longer has the stomach or the political strength to fine, regulate or control the titans of big business. The Lobbyists hold government's campaign purse strings and threaten to pull donations if their demands are not met, and all of us become enslaved as a corporate soldier, with little power. 

Seven, government can do certain things to induce production if and when there is a supply shortage, caused by drought or blight in a free market, by enticing millions of small businesses to pick up the slack. However, in socialism the oligarchy will quickly savage the small business markets first, in their quest to own the consumer street. That means government no longer has any leverage against a monolithic oligarchy and therefore can't help people in a wide scale supply shortage. "All your eggs in one basket" is another negative characteristic of socialism.

There are many more discouraging demons to the idea of socialism, greed, favoritism and dispensable victims are made worse by a system that claims to seek parity. Equal is great with shared wealth and equally miserable in shared misery.

But liberals want power, control and equality, like a father punishing his children equally even though their offense, age and awareness varies greatly, they all received the same back of the hand.

Liberals should understand that free market conservatives want equal opportunity, not equal outcomes as in socialism. The father in a conservative home would make the rules equal for all his children and yet the (outcome) punishment, would be based on the offense, age and awareness, some would be punished, some would be admonished and some would be immediately forgiven.   

The control freaks of the left need to wake up and realize that socialism is an enslaving nightmare, while Free enterprise (capitalism) is why all those illegal aliens are trying to cross the border. They are running from dysfunctional economic systems, like socialism.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


The mendacity of the Democrats narrative of Russian collusion has played out like a Washington soap opera, replete with backstabbing Republicans and power hungry Democrats, all trying to wrestle back the White House, from the popular-ism in power.

The days of admiring politicians is as old as the times of cotton plantations and the gentlemen's clubs, that expected the lower classes to be grateful for their societal stewardship, and respectful of their upper crusted privilege. Yet, those days are gone, whether politicians like it or not, (we know they don't), Trump has ushered in a new era. An era of real representation of the people, and he has replaced their political game of promise and forget, to delivering with a smile.

The new political landscape Trump has ushered in, is abhorred by the career politicians, because it requires true problem solving, fixes and solutions. Politicians are not fond of fixes, their forte is to bemoan an issue and name their election as the solution. Their promises always fall short on delivering  anything substantive, beyond a puffy piece of legislation, that dances around real results.

Trump has the political parties belligerent because their political theatrics are being exposed, as the con game it has been for years. They represent only two real constituents, donors and themselves. Their stagy sham, has always been, the bite that barks. Now their hawk and squawk marketplace, is being infiltrated with non-political candidates, vying to show up their canard carnival of lobby loyalty. 

Yes the electorate is being spoiled by the Trump Administration, but it isn't as if Trump stole the voters away from the politicians, as the establishment indignantly believes. No, this Karma kettle has been brewing a tempest for quite some time, as voters mumbled under their breath in disgust and disdain for political promises made and broken, while confusing the electorate as to whom, is the fool.

Never-Trump Republicans and Democrats in the establishment of the Washington universe, find themselves in a watershed bed of their own making. It wasn't Trump that ignored the Middle Class by making trade deals that aggrandized foreign investment outside the United States. It wasn't Trump that allowed millions of unskilled workers, access to this country's welfare programs. It wasn't Trump that reign down regulations and taxes on business, making the marketplace inhospitable, for the growth of jobs and wages. No those star buck eyes, are the fault of the self-centered bubble elitist politicians, that took the "Big Daddy" electorate for granted.

The voter cynicism was there. It was like Kilauea, silently standing at the start gate eager to erupt. Both parties have know that the electorate seethed under their feet. Democrats learned in 2010 when they passed Obamacare. Republicans learned about the lava flow under their feet when they rolled out "A Pledge to America" also in 2010 amid dismal polling data. Hoping to renew voter trust, they promised to change.

Yet it was again, all talk, all grandstanding and all too familiar, fabricated foolery. Then in stepped a billionaire businessman that wanted for nothing, but gave his voters what they wanted most, honesty.

Promises fulfilled, and a direction of policy that ignored the lobbyists, the globalists and the statists.

This is why the Democrats and the establishment Republicans are acting like a "CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF" and increasing their screeching, clawing and vituperation. Yet, they continue to represent special interests over the common interest.

However, this sneering disapproval of our President by the snipers in the Beltway's bubble, has only emboldened the electorate, who had the courage to trust him. It only proves the pitiful political excuses given by both parties, for years to their constituents, that these issues were too formidable to fix.

Certainly, there is a lengthy list of hurdles our Forty-fifth President has yet to vault, but given the complete chorus choir of shrill hostility coming from media, pundits and Congress-people, Trump's accomplishments to date, are prodigious.  

Yes, the electorate has proven that unlike Obama's fish out of water presidency, a New York fish, swimming in the Hudson river, can thrive equally well in the Potomac river, just as long as Trump avoids the eerie deep state canal, that leads to the swamp.        

Sunday, July 1, 2018


The left is stepping on their own agendas and succeeding, exceeding well, at failure.

Case in point: the left decided that they could shame the President, with their own policy, that separates children from parents, arrested after entering the country illegally. 

For a few days, they succeeded in sweeping all other news off the boards, by decrying and showing graphics, of the dispassionate results, when parents are arrested, illegally trying to transport their families to America. One would have to be cold hearted, not to feel moved by the emotional distress, it causes young children. For a short while, no one could deny that the innocent children, were victimized by their parent's action, and certainly children are the true victims.

So as Trump responded to the real issue of wanting to detain people in the fairest way, he stroked a pen to allow families to be detained together, even though its lawfulness, would be challenge by the same people, that accused him of having no heart.

Well, as Americans lamented, over the water cooler about the issue, it did not take long, to realize that the issue was sad, but no sadder than the thousands of kids in America, that are scooped up each day, and placed in Foster Care, because Mom, Dad or both committed crimes. The angry vitriol of the left once again, was being directed at the wrong target, and the wrong issue. 

The parents that operate a Meth lab in their home, endanger their children, and are breaking the law. When they get arrested, their children are equally crying and upset and completely unaware why Mommy and Daddy are being taken from them. It is tragic, very sad and yet, completely accepted as the fault of irresponsible parents, and not law enforcement.

The illegal aliens that drag their children thousands of miles, on a treacherous journey fraught with crime, fear, rape, starvation, dehydration and unsanitary conditions, are irresponsible and endangering their children. If they make it to the border, and decide to illegally cross the border, they know they will be arrested. They know, that they will lose temporary custody of their children. Just like Mom and Dad Meth-head know, that if they are caught, they will lose temporary custody of their children. 

Throughout the world, this is called, law and order, and there is no get out of jail free card, based on being, merely, a Mommy or a Daddy.

So when the left's outrage started to beg solutions, and the President to his credit, tried to meet their concerns. They shouted and shouted and eventually outed, their real agenda. Their solution was to go back to, catch and release. To abolish ICE all together, and let all the foreign families into the country without vetting (even though some of the familial relationships are known to be fakes or worse, sex trafficking), because it is the humane thing to do, according to the moral minded social progressive Democrats.

So once again we have logic up against progressive sloganeering with a hidden agenda. An agenda that Democrats, were forced by Trump, to publically reveal. And that agenda, of course, is, open borders. 

The left hates this President so much, they no longer can play their own game. Their game has always been, to gin up an issue and let it percolate on the back burners and then splash the hot coffee on the kitchen floor and call it accidental. They never reveal their agenda, never suggest a solution but instead sloganeer until an election is over. Or they bump one issue for another, when they find a bigger and better pot of boiling coffee, and quickly whip out their pink markers, to re-write their posters and compose their new rhyming chant, rant of the day.  

American conservatives and independents were always at the mercy of a Republican Party that dealt with these theatrics by the left, in a weak kneed self flagellating way that turned our stomachs. The gutless GOP  apologizing all over themselves, in a drooling contest, that made Elmer Fudd seem like a stud. At least Elmer would attempt to catch the rabbit lies, and over the top pandering by the left.

However this time the left did the opposition's own work for them. Trump to his credit remained firm, and then asked the only pertinent question. What would Democrats do? What is their solution? 

In response the left decided to demonize the border completely by calling for the abolishment of ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

 ICE is the agency, that not only stops illegal aliens entering country, but stops drugs, weapons, cyber threats, identity theft and watches trade based money laundering, and terrorists plots. Don't Democrats care about protecting our citizens against the immigration of criminal networks? 

ICE also is the agency that investigates and seeks to arrest drug smugglers, human traffickers and sex traffickers, that save countless women and children from slavery, rape and torture. Don't Democrats care about saving women and children from rape and violence?

ICE are the agents tracking down illegal MS13 gang members that are terrorizing inner city residents, and deporting them out of the country. Don't Democrats care about the safety of inner city voters?

Lastly, ICE agents investigates and provides the DOJ information on American businesses that use and abuse an illegal labor force knowingly and willfully. Not only are these businesses violating the labor laws, that requires a check on the legal status of employees by employers, but they abuse the illegal alien workers, with overwork, underpay and zero benefits. Aren't Democrats the so-called party of the poor and working class?  

We have all experienced a critic over our shoulder, telling us we are doing it wrong, and the most effective way to deal with the nay saying ninny, is to ask them to propose a solution. Nine times out of ten they have nothing to say and will quickly go away. 

So you see, pushing back, and holding strong on American values of law and order is what makes President Trump stronger than the GOP and more savvy than the Democrats weak and pathetic sloganeering. By calling on the Democrats to propose a solution to the problem, the Democrats have no choice but to either reveal their agenda or stop protesting. 

Better still, if they do reveal their anti-American solutions, such as, a Catch and Release policy, they start losing support. Yet now totally inconsolable in their hate Trump mindset, they feel they need to ante up the stakes, so they jump the shark, and call for the abolishment of ICE. Thus revealing their ultra left-wing wackiness that no one takes seriously, and to which even liberal media has to concede its stupidity. 

So in their quest to tug on the heartstrings of Americans to show compassion for illegal alien children, the left reveals its dispassion for everyone and everything.

Dispassion for  citizen crime victims, dispassion for children's safety, dispassion for environmental hazards, dispassion for worker slavery, dispassion for terrorist infiltration, dispassion for sex traffic victims, dispassion for bankruptcy of towns and communities, dispassion for overstretched resources, and dispassion for the right of a sovereign nation, to orderly control its immigration.

The left is clearly winning, their losing argument, like pouring cold water on their own campfires.

The unhinged Trump haters, are flying around looking for anything to stop the ruby slippers from remaining in the White House. As truth rains down on the country, the Democrat's voices have become shrill and ineffective. Yes, they are melting, melting, and the country is seeing the left's power vanish into the floorboards of our newfound POTUS who, echos the American people's desires, over both parties crony control.