Monday, June 19, 2017


A daily diet of hate served by the Media to the hyper-partisan left, that either supported Clinton or Sanders, was bound to boil over the pot, from violent talk to deadly walk. 

The shooting in Alexandria Virginia at the Republican Congresspersons practicing for a charity baseball game, by a leftist protester, is not unexpected, given the insane platform of vicious vitriol by the anti-Trump media.

The anger and hate by alt-left isn't in perspective, in fact, it is lathered by a progressive ideology that has a deep loathing for America's traditional constitutional moral values. This antipathy for all things conservative has been ginned up for years by the social regressive Democrats, seeking to alter our nation's Christian traditions by promoting a false narrative of socialism, as being a bastion of humanistic fairness. It is not only an historically proven lie, but socialism's victims can be found in our southern backyard (Venezuela) currently, and proves that facts don't matter to indoctrinated soldiers of Democrat Progressives/Marxists, mindlessly demanding that their ideology return to power.   

But this leftist rampage killer should not be used by the GOP to sing "kumbaya" it instead should be a rallying cry by the GOP to get Trump's agenda past Democrats. Yet, sadly, America is being run by "The swamp".  

Trump supporters believe in America. Trump supporters want the communistic policies of the Obama administration to be overturned. The left is so angry at Americans that support Trump and wish a return to our foundational roots and away from liberalism, that they have screamed about impeachment for Trump based on invented crimes. Democrat leaders like (Maxine Waters) along with some other Never-Trump quislings in Congress grandstand their disgust hoping to influence Trump supporters to feel ashamed that they voted for him. Instead, public anger grows against our corrupt government.
Not only is this fanatical liberal campaign of Trump smearing a loser, it seems the old adage, "I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you." has been the quiet reaction by the majority of Americans. The attacks by the left when Trump has barely taken office belies that the "swamp's" aim, is not just directed toward "the Donald" but every American that cast a vote for him.

Indeed the violence by the left, against Trump, and his supporters has been under reported by the left's media. The paid protest soldiers of progressive ideology, have committed multiple acts of violence, property destruction and physical assault on Trump supporters and then incredulously, claim themselves to be the victims. "Yes, I sucker punch him, and made him bleed, but he started it, by wearing a MAGA hat."

Charlie Rose, a long time PBS host, had the audacity to suggest after the Alexandria shooting, that the hateful rhetoric that incites violence started with the Trump supporters saying "Lock her up", referring to Hillary Clinton. Sorry Charlie, that tuna fish doesn't swim, it just stinks on the dock with the growing pile of rotten liberal excuses.

Calling for Hillary to not be above the law and be prosecuted for her serious crimes, is not hate speech, it is the acknowledgement of the people that justice must be enforced against a crime, regardless of whom commits it. Hillary and Bill Clinton along with Obama are the Czars of Washington's corruption and yet they remain wealthy, free and unanswerable to the law. "Lock her up" is not inciting violence, it is inciting justice under the law.

There was an ideological battle in the 2016 RNC Primary race between the big government oligarchy of the establishment Republicans, versus the small federal government working for the average American interest, and the GOP swamp dwellers, lost. Trump and the people won.

There was an ideological battle between leftist Social/Progressive agenda and the restoration of traditional American values in the 2016 Presidential election and the DNC swamp builders, lost. Trump and the people won. But what did we win? We knew we won a chance to battle the swamp?

It is Trump and the people against the Beltway swamp. The swamp contains Democrats, Republicans, the media, corporations, K street and bureaucrats dubbed the "Deep state".  No, this isn't an Alex Jones false flag wolf cry, it is a backroom coup that has come center stage, in full public nudity for all to see.

Not one single Republican has taken to the stage to call out this siege against a duly elected POTUS by the swamp zombies of Washington. The voters are being arrogantly ignored, the rule of law has become a weapon of hypocrisy and the GOP leadership smiles as it equally plunges the knife into Caesar.    

The Congressional majority leaders, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not listening to the majority of American voters and are duplicitous as they side with Democrats in this dangerous hegemony over "We the people" and the election mandate. 

The American people might feel powerless to silence, the Obama holdovers in the Deep state. The American people might feel frustrated to silence, the Democrat's unhinged allegations and specious arguments with zero evidence, of a Trump's Russian collusion. The American people might feel infuriated by a corporate owned media, that continually reports every leaked smear against Trump but refuses to report, and in fact, actively buries, the stories showing illegal conduct by Hillary Clinton and Obama's administration.   

But the American people know who is in charge of the swamp's legion of antagonism, and it is the GOP. We blame the GOP in the Beltway swamp because they asked for the power to govern, and the people elected them to govern. The GOP needs to stop this fallacious farce of detraction of the President by Democrats and the "Deep State" and start working diligently on the Trump agenda, while also investigating, the multiple crimes done by the past administration. The public awaits, impatient and with steely resolve to fight the Swamp, and save our constitutional Republic. 

"If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem" and America's problems still remain festering while Congress, fiddles with farce and fantasies. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


The career government officials and underlings in our multilayered, big bloated federal system, have allegiance to their own personal political view of America, and are trying to usurp the new administration's authority by smearing the President with anonymous leaks.

The devious political hubris of career government officials that believe, only they know, what should be the policy of America, regardless of the voters voice, is the shadow that is visible at high noon. The foggy bottom (State Department) was successful at damaging America's foreign policy and covering up Benghazi, and now the shadow government (Intelligence) is fully focused on destroying our democratic Republic. 

When unelected and unanswerable to the people, bureaucrats, have the power to use leaks, lies and slanderous innuendo to disrupt election results, trample civil rights without fear of reprisal and investigate people based on nothing more than political gossip, then a silent coup is in our midst.

The Deep State is no longer a suspected problem, but a tangible dangerous threat to our democracy, playing out in front of eyes, and brought to the forefront by some angry saboteurs in our government, leaking  illicitly obtained information to the media, a media that is also aligned in hate against Trump. All because Trump is neither a Washington politician insider, or a man who has his hand out for campaign money.

Think about that a moment, Trump is hated by politicians on the right and the left because he is not one of them and corporate owned media can't buy him like they have bought both parties. He is hated by the Deep State because he threatens to undermine their efforts to control America's ties to globalism, international banking and the secret oligarchy we still naively refer to as, corporate lobbying. 

The real story is not about Russian. It is not about Russian election interference. It is not about Cybersecurity. It is not about wrongdoing by Trump's campaign staff, especially when America knows Hillary Clinton has been caught in multiple violations of federal law, let alone put our nation's classified intelligence on the world wide web. No the real story is that our Deep State government is trying to sabotage a duly elected President in order to keep this country moving left.

The Deep State is the Bilderberg image that no longer hides in the background, seen by only by conspiracy chasers, now the world is watching a hostile media attacking Trump and Trump voters with un-American disrespect and disregard for elections results. The media's news programming bespeaks an active leftist oligarchy pumping disinformation daily to a diminishing audience.

Americans are not stupid, gullible and easily persuaded by phony news. Even those on the left, know that the media's stories about Trump, are outrageously specious spin, but they repeat those lies  because they need to hate Trump. They want to hate America, capitalism and our constitutional Republic and gain supporters in order to transform America into a European socialist's state.

There is a lot of smoke in the Beltway about Trump that doesn't come from a fire of truth but rather a pit of smoldering embers of lies, left by the Obama Administration. Americans want our Congress and the Trump administration to investigate and give us answers to the certifiable scandals and illegal activity that was done for the last eight years in Washington and stop chasing the concocted tales by the Democrats about Russian's controlling Trump's strings. It is the Oligarchy and rich moneyed donors who have bought both of America's political parties and seeks to undermine "We the People."

Americans want answers and criminal investigations done to uncover the multiple malfeasance of office and crimes committed by Obama's hyper-political administration.

 Here is a short sample list of just some of those questions that need answers;

Why hasn't anyone been prosecuted in the IRS scandal in which the evidence is clear, that intimidation and harassment by IRS officials against conservative taxpayers was done for years under the Obama administration?

When are Americans going to see justice served in the Clinton, e-mail and Foundation scandals?

Was the DNC hacked or was the information leaked, to Wikileaks, by a Democrat operative?

Why did the DNC refuse the FBI's request to investigate their computers for hacking, why wouldn't they want to know, rather than speculate, as they have been, that the Russians were responsible?

Who killed Seth Rich and was he the DNC leaker that provided Wikileaks with information?

How long has Obama's FBI and NSA been violating people's civil rights and spying on them?

Why did Susan Rice unmask the names of Americans captured in an intelligence surveillance?

Who leaked the Flynn classified information to the press?

Did Obama order unmasking and declassification of intelligence reports in order to politically damage the Trump campaign?

What evidence did Obama give to the FISA court that allowed spying on Trump's campaign and or did that warrant ever exist?

If the warrant exists than were the individuals spied on lawfully, within the limited parameters of said warrant or broadly, which violated their 4th Amendment rights?

To obtain a warrant did Obama officials use the discredited Dossier on Trump, paid for by political hacks in order to fool the FISA court so they could spy on Trump's campaign?

If no such warrant existed, why isn't Congress and the DOJ seeking prosecution on all agency officials and Obama for spying on Americans without a warrant?

Why did FBI Director Comey not recuse himself in the investigation of Hillary Clinton, when he and those in Washington know, that he and his brother have financial ties to the Clinton Foundation?

Why is Robert Mueller, named by DOJ as special counsel, thought to be a fair and impartial choice to investigate impropriety or illegal behavior by his protégé and close friend, James Comey? 

Did Obama, Rice, Brennan, Clinton, Lynch, Clapper, Comey and or others, collude over Hillary's criminal e-mail conduct, and seek to smoke screen the truth by using the intelligence agencies as political weapons to smear Trump with a Russian ruse to cover up their illegal activity?

Americans want real answers to these real acts of impropriety and possibly criminally treasonous acts.
So to the Deep State, and the shady characters embedded in our Washington political swamp, that think, they can undermine the people's President, the voters choice and the electorate's election, Americans say, think twice, think again and oh, please start thinking with your head outside of Obama's "choom" fumes.

The ratings of media mean nothing, the Congressional hearings mean nothing, the calls for impeachment of Trump mean nothing, and the Deep State's leaking smearing campaign will have repercussions. However, the repercussions will not hurt Trump. Washington's witch hunt hysteria, will only speed up the increasing downfall of the Democrat Party as they suck more wind falling further out of  power in 2018. 
The Deep State's swamp of arrogant bureaucrats may think they have power behind their anonymous deep throated treason, but the truth eventually will deep six their lies. Because truth can only be outrun temporarily by lies, in the end, truth always crosses the finish line as the winner.  Savvy and steamed voters may not be able to oust the Deep State by vote but its political party of treason, is in deep deep, deep six, doo doo.

Friday, May 26, 2017


                                                  MEMORIAL VOW

Once was a time in America, when all children were taught,
reverent praise for our nation's war dead, respect for why they fought.

Sadly many see this holiday, as a storewide shop sale
instead of the sacrifices made, by the men's freedom tale.

The thieves of culture seek to rid past, selling freedom as free,
but who will remember bygone tears, if not for you and me?

Thankful isn't a bob nod of head, or a cookout on beach,
feeling indebted for liberty, every day, and each.

We are the keepers of legacy, that honors the glory.
When you look into children's eyes, teach them well the story.

It is not about burgers on the grill, but brave men that died climbing the hill.

It is not about great deals on store stuff, but bloody battles and heartbreak rough.

It is about appreciating, the treasure we lost while gestating, 

a great nation of fountain freedom, and the steely nerve, to never, ever be done.

Copyright@2017 Claudia Roazen

Thursday, May 11, 2017


In order to be able to drain a swamp, one needs a Rodder machine first, to clean out the pipelines so that water can be drained without clogs plugging up the pipes during the evacuation process. Firing FBI Director James Comey was not only necessary, but essential, in order to insure that American justice is not hampered by political muck, that allows corruption to stay stagnant in Washington.

Trump is clearing the lines at the Justice Department, CIA, FBI and NSA to insure that our government agencies operate for the American people rather than for the elites in Washington. America is impatient to have the swamp siphoned but progress has just be made by firing James Comey.

If ever there was a man in the middle of controversy that tried to appease both sides and forgot that he worked for the American people, it was FBI Director James Comey. 

Comey disappointed everyone, while he tried to please everyone, and that coincidentally, is what is wrong with the Beltway swamp. The rule of law isn't political. Constitutional authoritative limits, aren't negotiable. Political brokering and appeasement is not the job description of the premier law enforcement agency in the world. James Comey allowed the details, facts, proof and law to become buried in the interests of playing bipartisan political theater, allowing lady justice to don binoculars rather than to stay blind.

Comey demoralized the FBI's rank and file and angered the American public by using demagoguery and legal nonsense to distort justice in the Clinton e-mail investigation. He had no right to play judge, jury and immunity dispenser to Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Obama by being the single arbitrator of what constitutes criminal violations of the law, malfeasance of office and potential blackmail. 

Hillary should have been recommended for prosecution. Loretta Lynch should have been forced to either recuse herself from the Clinton case after the Bill Clinton tarmac meeting, or step down as Attorney General. Obama should have been required to testify under oath about what he knew about Clinton's server especially since Hillary stated publically on multiple occasions, that the administration knew and approved her private e-mail system. 

Instead Comey usurped the role of the Justice Department and became the cover-up man to this foul smelling, secret scheming, swampy illegal activity of the Obama administration. In essence, he told the American people, the FBI's investigation of Hillary had the fix, baked, stuffed and cooked into an acquittal before it even began. This is why there was no Grand Jury impaneled, this is why all of Clinton aides were given immunity without being required to rat out their boss, and this was why Loretta Lynch told the public she would abide by Comey's recommendation regarding Hillary's prosecution. 

Comey told the American people that the rule of law applies blindly, only for you regular folk, for those in Washington, well it is a different standard altogether, in fact, among elites, the law doesn't rule at all, only blackmail rules.

Now the news outlets, or should we say, the gossiping media, that pretends it broadcasts news, is trying to paint this firing of Comey by Trump as a scandal to the American people, that Trump is actively subverting an investigation into this Democrat snowflake fantasy, of a Trump/Russian Manchurian candidacy. How lame, and how does leaving a Clinton connected Andrew McCabe in charge of FBI slow any investigations of Trump?
No, the real mystery for the American people has always been, why did Trump not fire Comey on day one, and perhaps more importantly, will the American people see justice in the Hillary Clinton e-mail and Clinton Foundation bribery case, once and for all?  "Justice delayed is justice denied", and lets add to that, justice denied is justice that dies. 

America is based on the rule of law. It is the foundation of our Republic and the underpinning of our government's moral authority. Today, there is a push by the Progressive far left with the aid of cowardly NeverTrump GOP members, to undermine our nation's respect for the election of Trump, fair news reporting, peaceful protests, bipartisan investigations, free speech and blind justice under the law.

The media slanders the President daily, protesters of the left commit violent vandalism and sedition without consequences. Congress investigates politically phony dossiers on Trump, while ignoring the spying, leaking and unmasking crimes by the Obama administration. Hillary, continues to spew venom at voters for why she lost, while the American people wonder, why she is a free jailbird, and not in a cage. 

Comey's firing isn't the end of the cleanup on aisle 999, that is the Washington swamp, it is barely the beginning of the beginning. However, the American people are wearing their high water boots and understand that the gators in our government could snatch away our rights quickly and without warning. This is why Trump was elected. This is why Democrats and GOP colluders like Paul Ryan must be defeated, marginalized and routed out of our government's pipeline, so the swamp can be drained. 

Trump is slogging through the muck in the early stages of his administration, learning how the swamp works. You can't fix what's broken unless you know, both, how it operates broken and how it suppose to operate when repaired. Washington has been broken for a very, very long time. It will take much more than a new FBI director to regain our trust of Washington justice, but Americans are skilled at slogging in the swamp in their waders, and for the first time in decades, we see dry land ahead in the distance and it gives us more hope for America's restoration in the future.