Wednesday, November 14, 2018


When people think of voter fraud, they tend to focus on the individual that votes twice, or lies on their registration form regarding their criminal ineligibility, or being a foreign national and an illegal voter, but election fraud is far more pervasive and insidious than individual voter fraud, it is the speakeasy underworld of organized corruption.

Specifically, Democrat election corruption that has a long history of going under the radar of scrutiny because of a feckless GOP party that allowed its party's hands to be tied for 36 years. In 1982 the GOP entered into a Consent Decree to settle a 1981 voter suppression lawsuit by the DNC. The decree forbade the GOP from everything from watching over polls, to challenging registration qualifications, from all districts with so-called "substantially racial and ethnic populations", with "substantially" never being defined, by any measure of percentage, or aggregate number, and therefore being a blanket to cover all precincts across the country.  

However, in December of 2017 that 36 year old codified agreement expired and the Democrats no longer have a hog tied GOP party, hanging in the woodshed, unable to move or challenge, their election corruption. This is why Rick Scott of Florida is being proactive in fighting the fraud happening in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida. 

While the DNC controlled media claims there is no fraud, Americans are seeing the undisputed fact, that county election officials blatantly and shamelessly are defying election laws in numerous ways in order to steal Nelson's Senate seat. They have refused to give a tally of votes cast, and mixed non-eligible votes in with eligible ones, along with missing all the deadlines for counting and collecting ballots and associated records.  When ballots show up unexpectedly post election, and ballots are lost in the shuffle of a recount, these are the types of backroom election fixing and cooking, that is done when elections are close.

For liberal  media to claim fraud has not been proven, when  illegal votes have been found, mysterious uncounted ballot boxes have suddenly appeared and the law requiring a count of votes cast has yet to be produced by Broward county in Florida, then media needs to explain the word fraud. Americans see the fraud. When you create laws to specifically stop fraud from occurring, and the election officers ignore those laws, then it is quite plain, clear and simply called, fraud! It isn't incompetence to ignore laws.

 I am sure most Americans have tried that excuse on the police officer writing them a speeding ticket, but the officer doesn't care that you didn't notice the speed sign, nor do they buy that lame excuse. Any election office that runs so afoul of the election law, put in place for the sole purpose to vest integrity in the voting system, is guess what media? Yes, that's right committing, fraud!

In Florida, Arizona, and Georgia there were close elections in key races and the outcomes are still not resolved nor is the process trusted, by the American people. Why? Because the public has seen this ballot shifting, last minute surprise outcomes by Democrats, election after election, and we are angry that there has been 36 years of feckless response by Republicans.

 It is time to call out the Democrat cheating party, for allowing illegal aliens to be registered, for the voter rolls to be filled with dead people, for motor voter signing up criminals and illegal aliens, for voter ID laws being blocked, for corrupt lawyers and elections officials remaining in charge of the counties and precincts across the country, that regularly produce flawed results. How can there ever be more votes counted in a precinct or county than registered voters eligible to vote?  

The Public has a right to free and fair elections, and equally a right to see election corruption as a serious and discrediting crime against our democratic Republic. However, most Americans are still waiting for the prosecution of all the campaign illegality during the 2016 election. Trying to rig elections in any fashion, steals the public confidence in the outcomes, and lays mockery to our laws if no one is held accountable. While Mueller investigates Trump for a made up crime of collusion, the real bandits in the Obama administration, are allowed to escape justice and be immune to accountability.   

 With the "Consent Degree" gone, we fully have the right to expect that the GOP will fight against the efforts by the Democrats to steal our elections by giving a vote voice to illegal aliens and convicted felons, both of which have no right to have their lawless viewpoint, cancel out the vote of law abiding taxpaying citizens. The mere idea that their voice should carry equal weight at the polling booth rightfully infuriates most American voters.   

If any leader has shown the GOP how to successfully fight the forces of the left and their media stranglehold on the political narrative it is the 45th President of the United States. 

Trump has had to battle not just the DNC media political machine, but the never-Trump haters in the GOP party. But the Corkers, Ryans and Flakes are all leaving in January and those that aren't leaving, like Lindsey Graham, have been flipped into avid Trump supporters. 

If Trump has taught the GOP anything, it is to fight, punch back at lies with truth (Fake news), uppercut political rhetoric with facts ( Obama's economy versus Trump's), slam phony allegations with real investigations of criminal conduct (2016 FISA, Dossier fraud)) and to not let Democrats control the narrative by laying bare their dangerous and deceptive agenda. 

NO the 36 year old pact with the devil is over. The GOP soul is no longer in hell, and We the People demand that the organized voter fraud, being perpetrated by the DNC, also be over. Time to verify the voter rolls, go to paper ballots, be issued a receipt after voting, institute voter ID laws and make the penalty for voter fraud by officials a true deterrent. Missed deadlines by voters, or officials should never count after an election. Third parties should not be allowed to register voters, allowing campaign staffers to fill out forms for aging nursing home patients.

Lastly, we as an electorate need to realize that ballot fraud can more easily happen if elections are close. Those of us that voted need to wake up any American who complains about the state of our nation and ask them pointedly, if they voted, then ask them why they are complaining if they say they didn't vote. If they say they voted for Democrats, again, I'd say well, why are you complaining? Democrats don't care about our Republic, they want to change America into a socialist global state, and you gave them permission by voting for their party or not voting at all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


The left has gone from hysterically sad, to hopping angry, to emotionally unhinged, to suffering from Trump derangement syndrome after the 2016 elections, to a new low of incivility, by acting like a bunch of babbling barbarians.

These sore losers, and spoiled progressive leftist mobs, demand that Trump be impeached. They demand that Kavanaugh be impeached. They demand that due process and American elections be thrown away if they lose, and only be considered relevant, if they win.  

Yet, they have the audacity, and the shameless gall, to call Trump supporters, deplorable? They have the un-American cheek, to slam Trump voters, as racists and bigots, for wanting immigration reform and a wall to ensure our safety? They claim to be the party of tolerance, as they grab voters hats off their heads, because they object to the Trump slogan? They extol their right to free speech as they boycott businesses that don't agree with their liberal agenda, and use their majority positions in social media tech companies, to create algorithms, to shut down the free speech of conservative voices.

 If not for hypocrisy, there would be no Democrat party, because it has lost its identity by destroying our melting pot with identity politics.   

The Democrat party's leaders are not just dumb, but they got even dumber, when they failed to distance themselves from mob harassment, and have promoted a  thug mentality in leftist protests that most Americans really, truly deplore! But worse, it isn't because they are dumb, it is because their power lust is boundless and blind, they have abandoned all sense of fairness and decency, in order to get their way.

 However it is hard to see, how they will to win the House and Senate, with nothing more than chorus of Trump hatred, and a hope that Americans will sing expletives with them. Yet, shouldn't an election for representation mean more? Shouldn't it stand for better ideas not just condemnation for ideas you disagree with? Shouldn't Senators and Representative actually seek to better the American way of life, rather than trying to destroy it?

 Democrats want to give free healthcare to all. Great, how exactly do we pay for all that free expensive care? They want to have open borders and get rid of ICE. Great, who is going to protect you when the drug gangs start warring in your neighborhoods and kill innocent people? They want liberal judges that legislate from the bench and ignore the restraints from the Constitution and Bill of Rights, by taking away guns from law abiding citizens. Great, so then only the criminals will be armed and your life will be at the mercy of 911 response time. Do you feel lucky? Do you feel safer? Are their ideas practical for your life, your community's well being, your children safety? 

No the public has not forgotten, that this socialist progressive party did nothing for the middle class in the eight years they held power, (or ever for that matter) except to stymie entrepreneurial prospects with over regulation, shipped manufacturing overseas with global trade policies, and hand college educated youth entering the job market, an apron and a coffee mug.

The Fast and Furious Mexican gun running that killed 2 US agents (Border and DEA) the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Benghazi cover up that killed 1 Ambassador and 3 soldiers, the AWOL Bergdahl exchange that let 5 terrorist killers free, to kill again, or the Iran deal in which Obama that paid Iran a ransom of 1.7 Billion for the release of 5 Americans. This being just a short list of the treachery done by Obama's Democrat barbarians.

Not to mention that they rigged their own primary to favor Clinton over Sanders and then tried to steal the 2016 elections, from Trump, by spying on his campaign and whitewashing Hillary Clinton's crimes. They want the voters to ignore their record of abysmal leadership and cover their ears to the numerous  lies and deceits their party has been a part of for years.

Democrats are the "party of crime" as Trump likes to say, and their corruption since the election has only manifested into a deep cover up and an attempt to turn the table on those investigating their malfeasance.

Did Obama's FBI lie to the FISA court, by knowingly not exposing the corrupt dossier's financial and political history? Yes.

Did Obama's State Department lie to the court when the 2018 Freedom of Information lawsuit proved that the FBI knew, there were missing Clinton e-mails, found on Weiner's laptop, when they claimed they had no such information? Yes.

Did the Russians, Chinese and perhaps many other countries use social media bots, paid advertisements and trolls to try and influence American elections? Yes.

 Did Obama's intelligence agencies lie to spy on Trump's campaign? Yes.

Did Obama and his administration utilize the FBI, CIA, NSA and the DOJ to try and fix the 2016 election by exonerating Clinton's crimes and spying on a presidential candidate? Yes.

If the Democrats win the House, will they try and impeach Trump, for specious reasons? Yes.
Did Trump collude with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton? No.

Did Obama's FBI, CIA and the NSA have evidence enough to make the charge that Trump with the help of Russia rigged the 2016 election? No.

Was the appointment of Mueller by Congress justified to search for Trump malfeasance? No.
Has the Democrat party disavowed and condemned Congressional members who have called for uncivil harassment of Trump officials and GOP members by activists? No. 

Does the Democrat party believe in free speech, God, Constitution and capitalism? No.

Last question: Will you vote to give the barbarians back any arm of our country's government to continue their crusade to ruin America's constitutional republic?

Friday, September 28, 2018


What America witnessed on Thursday at the Senate judicial confirmation hearings was a sick and twisted cocktail mix of beer, slime, toxic water and 2 parts ice cold, calculation on the part of Democrat's political machine. 

Their objective was to smear Judge Kavanaugh into resigning his good name to their defaming attacks, and or, delay the vote process until the midterm elections, where they hope to win more seats to defeat his nomination to the court. 

The Democrat party has no shame or moral conscience for anything done for political gain, and are not just operating under Machiavellian philosophy but have reached below that into the Torquemada-ian realm. (1st Grand Inquisitor, Tomas de Torquemada 1478 Spanish Inquisition.)

On the eve of heading for a confirmation vote for Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it appeared that the GOP had the votes needed to confirm this nominee even without the Democrats support.

Democrats knew that losing the liberal majority on the Supreme court that progressive Democrats have relied on for years to contort American culture, would be a devastating blow to the left, that has lost power, respect and voters since the 2016 election. Working as hard as they have to damage the reputation of our 45th President without much success, losing the court, was too hard a pill to swallow.

So they reached into their bags of sleazy, swampy, slimy, mud, mucking political playbook and arrived at the answer. Let's tar and feather Judge Brett Kavanaugh, put him on a rack until he recants his desire to be on the court, or hang draw and quarter his good name, until the American public is convinced through these lies, that the GOP and Trump, are nominating a vile rapist to the highest court.  

To use an allegation that has no corroboration, no substantive facts, dates, or timelines, except that it supposedly happened 36 years ago in High school is slanderous enough, but when the people she (Christine Blassey Ford) names as being witnesses, have all sworn an oath liable to perjury, that it did not happen, well then, you ignore the allegation, as not credible, right?

Wrong, if you are a Democrat you use this slander to destroy a man's reputation and hope he will transform into a "Boo Radley" and hide his face from public scrutiny, as the price necessary, to save progressive ideology. Due process be damned, truth be dammed and with the complicit help of the mainstream media, ethics and privacy rights be damned, in the leftist world of muck throwing politics.

Every day is Halloween with the Democrat party, as they mask their true faces from Americans, and orchestrate a silent coup. As their paid pumpkin heads, gather in a haunting party, and chase government officials out of restaurants. As they use taxpayer money like candy to have their warlock (Robert Mueller) and his group of ghouls, grave dig, for any monstrous allegation they can use to impeach Trump. As they destroy a judge's reputation nominated to the Supreme Court, with ghost stories and séances to scare the GOP into caving to their demonic powers.

It is time for Americans to wake up and see the Democrat Party for what it is, what it stands for and what it bodes for the future, if it ever is allowed to return to power. This party has entered into a communist cave that has only one exit, as it descends radically downward into the underworld that cares little for anything but domination and power over every aspect of American's liberty. It is their way, their worldview, their rules, their power prerogatives, their whimsy of persecution and punitive justice, and they seek to empower more useful idiots to harass Americans into thinking that our constitutional rights are granted by government. 

Rather the bill of rights is an exclusion list for government, and by the way, for Google and Twitter as well, that clearly affirms that the right to free speech and the to bear arms is an inalienable right excluded from the control and clutch of any authority save the people.   
God cannot help us, if we refuse to stand righteously against the ugly, anti-American, lawless calls of the mocking bird of our constitution, the Democrat party.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Explosive new information, from the number three official at the Department of Justice, in the Obama administration, by the name of Bruce Ohr, has trickled out in whispers, after his closed door testimony on Tuesday August 28, 2018.

Sources say that Ohr testified that Mueller's top prosecutor Andrew Weismann was made aware of the phony dossier and its use by the FBI to obtain a warrant on Carter Page. The circle is now closing on the gaggle of corrupt actors that tried to fix the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and if she didn't win then the (Insurance step) would be to impeach Trump and ruin his ability to finish his term.

So Obama's intelligence agencies used the NSA to spy, while Hillary paid for the dossier and all the conspiring parties lied to obtain a FISA warrant, and as I write this, taxpayer monies are still funding the very dirty dealers in this obliteration of the 4th Amendment and the integrity of our elections.

Mueller is not just a witch hunt, it is an on-going savaging of the presidency, or a silent coup that is loudly ignored by a corrupt liberal media and the DNC that continues stroke the mythical red Russian herring. This is not an investigation of Russian collusion, but a cleansing operation for the criminal cabal via finding enough dirt on Trump to make their misdeeds seem justified.

What Mueller and his team, seems to not understand, is that the public will never accept, that the ends justifies the means, regardless of what muck is dug up against Trump. Not because they are blindly loyal to Trump, but rather because they are blindly loyal to the Bill of Rights.

Moreover, the FBI has used unethical strong arm tactics against the citizens of this country for decades, and there is little love loss for the institution currently. Indeed there is a long list of FBI corruption and malfeasance starting with the 911 attacks , where the hubris of the intelligence agencies caused a lack of information sharing between FBI and CIA, that may have thwarted the terror plot. The FBI play Obama politics, when it ignorantly refused to call the attack on Fort Hood, a terror attack, but instead, referred to it, as workplace violence, denying victims benefits, until it was finally shamed to change its status.

Need more, what about the completely mishandled, and some say purposefully botched, opportunity to have stopped the Boston Bombings, after the Russians tipped them off early about Tsarnaev.  We can also look at the unjustified killing of rancher Robert Lavoy Finicum in Oregon, a protestor that should never have been murdered. Even before 911, the FEDS have acted without regard for citizen's lives in Waco and Ruby Ridge, and there are countless citizens who view the federal government with fear and loathing. 

Not to mention the bad taste left in the mouth of Americans, who read the Strozk and Page transcript of their incessant texting. Most of the public thought they were reading political porn, that clearly showed a deep, repugnant disdain, that liberal agents and officials have for the average American. It made Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment have context, for we now know, how government officials view John Q. Public, and apparently, we smell as we shop in Walmart.

No, the Mueller team of Democrat lawyers, are really the rancid, foul and putrid players that want to undermine the greatest uprising in the American electorate since Ronald Reagan. It was also Reagan that said that the nine most terrifying words are, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

So we will wait for justice to hopefully uncover the Obama coup and start sending the officials that criminally misused their power, the indictments for crimes, we know they committed, especially Hillary, or we will be treated to a swamp circus of rats running the country and trying to convince us that our disgust is unfounded. 

Frankly, I am not sure this large dung heap of steaming sedition and treachery, can fit under any rug, let alone Washington's large cesspool caverns, where political secrets get flushed away, but we shall see.

We the People shall never be back to normal, if normal, is trusting the polished talking politicians, that promises us the moon, and delivers instead, once elected, their exposed backside. No, that is not the side of the moon we expected, and since Donald J. Trump number 45 has been elected, he has kept most of his promises, only leaving those undone, that Congress has scuttled.

 So don't expect the smelly deplorable masses to be happy with the politicians of yesterday, because there will be a post Trump era, after six more years, that will be expecting more than a slogan and a convoluted explanation, as to why they can't do this and that, promised on the campaign trail. The public will be expecting results and failure will result in more one term wonders. 

Justice will be served by the people either way, handcuffs on Obama and his gang of traitors, or more farmers, businesspeople and unwashed Walmart shoppers running to represent a government, "for the people, by the people, and of the people." (Abraham Lincoln 1863)