Thursday, May 11, 2017


In order to be able to drain a swamp, one needs a Rodder machine first, to clean out the pipelines so that water can be drained without clogs plugging up the pipes during the evacuation process. Firing FBI Director James Comey was not only necessary, but essential, in order to insure that American justice is not hampered by political muck, that allows corruption to stay stagnant in Washington.

Trump is clearing the lines at the Justice Department, CIA, FBI and NSA to insure that our government agencies operate for the American people rather than for the elites in Washington. America is impatient to have the swamp siphoned but progress has just be made by firing James Comey.

If ever there was a man in the middle of controversy that tried to appease both sides and forgot that he worked for the American people, it was FBI Director James Comey. 

Comey disappointed everyone, while he tried to please everyone, and that coincidentally, is what is wrong with the Beltway swamp. The rule of law isn't political. Constitutional authoritative limits, aren't negotiable. Political brokering and appeasement is not the job description of the premier law enforcement agency in the world. James Comey allowed the details, facts, proof and law to become buried in the interests of playing bipartisan political theater, allowing lady justice to don binoculars rather than to stay blind.

Comey demoralized the FBI's rank and file and angered the American public by using demagoguery and legal nonsense to distort justice in the Clinton e-mail investigation. He had no right to play judge, jury and immunity dispenser to Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Obama by being the single arbitrator of what constitutes criminal violations of the law, malfeasance of office and potential blackmail. 

Hillary should have been recommended for prosecution. Loretta Lynch should have been forced to either recuse herself from the Clinton case after the Bill Clinton tarmac meeting, or step down as Attorney General. Obama should have been required to testify under oath about what he knew about Clinton's server especially since Hillary stated publically on multiple occasions, that the administration knew and approved her private e-mail system. 

Instead Comey usurped the role of the Justice Department and became the cover-up man to this foul smelling, secret scheming, swampy illegal activity of the Obama administration. In essence, he told the American people, the FBI's investigation of Hillary had the fix, baked, stuffed and cooked into an acquittal before it even began. This is why there was no Grand Jury impaneled, this is why all of Clinton aides were given immunity without being required to rat out their boss, and this was why Loretta Lynch told the public she would abide by Comey's recommendation regarding Hillary's prosecution. 

Comey told the American people that the rule of law applies blindly, only for you regular folk, for those in Washington, well it is a different standard altogether, in fact, among elites, the law doesn't rule at all, only blackmail rules.

Now the news outlets, or should we say, the gossiping media, that pretends it broadcasts news, is trying to paint this firing of Comey by Trump as a scandal to the American people, that Trump is actively subverting an investigation into this Democrat snowflake fantasy, of a Trump/Russian Manchurian candidacy. How lame, and how does leaving a Clinton connected Andrew McCabe in charge of FBI slow any investigations of Trump?
No, the real mystery for the American people has always been, why did Trump not fire Comey on day one, and perhaps more importantly, will the American people see justice in the Hillary Clinton e-mail and Clinton Foundation bribery case, once and for all?  "Justice delayed is justice denied", and lets add to that, justice denied is justice that dies. 

America is based on the rule of law. It is the foundation of our Republic and the underpinning of our government's moral authority. Today, there is a push by the Progressive far left with the aid of cowardly NeverTrump GOP members, to undermine our nation's respect for the election of Trump, fair news reporting, peaceful protests, bipartisan investigations, free speech and blind justice under the law.

The media slanders the President daily, protesters of the left commit violent vandalism and sedition without consequences. Congress investigates politically phony dossiers on Trump, while ignoring the spying, leaking and unmasking crimes by the Obama administration. Hillary, continues to spew venom at voters for why she lost, while the American people wonder, why she is a free jailbird, and not in a cage. 

Comey's firing isn't the end of the cleanup on aisle 999, that is the Washington swamp, it is barely the beginning of the beginning. However, the American people are wearing their high water boots and understand that the gators in our government could snatch away our rights quickly and without warning. This is why Trump was elected. This is why Democrats and GOP colluders like Paul Ryan must be defeated, marginalized and routed out of our government's pipeline, so the swamp can be drained. 

Trump is slogging through the muck in the early stages of his administration, learning how the swamp works. You can't fix what's broken unless you know, both, how it operates broken and how it suppose to operate when repaired. Washington has been broken for a very, very long time. It will take much more than a new FBI director to regain our trust of Washington justice, but Americans are skilled at slogging in the swamp in their waders, and for the first time in decades, we see dry land ahead in the distance and it gives us more hope for America's restoration in the future.

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