Friday, May 26, 2017


                                                  MEMORIAL VOW

Once was a time in America, when all children were taught,
reverent praise for our nation's war dead, respect for why they fought.

Sadly many see this holiday, as a storewide shop sale
instead of the sacrifices made, by the men's freedom tale.

The thieves of culture seek to rid past, selling freedom as free,
but who will remember bygone tears, if not for you and me?

Thankful isn't a bob nod of head, or a cookout on beach,
feeling indebted for liberty, every day, and each.

We are the keepers of legacy, that honors the glory.
When you look into children's eyes, teach them well the story.

It is not about burgers on the grill, but brave men that died climbing the hill.

It is not about great deals on store stuff, but bloody battles and heartbreak rough.

It is about appreciating, the treasure we lost while gestating, 

a great nation of fountain freedom, and the steely nerve, to never, ever be done.

Copyright@2017 Claudia Roazen

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