Thursday, June 1, 2017


The career government officials and underlings in our multilayered, big bloated federal system, have allegiance to their own personal political view of America, and are trying to usurp the new administration's authority by smearing the President with anonymous leaks.

The devious political hubris of career government officials that believe, only they know, what should be the policy of America, regardless of the voters voice, is the shadow that is visible at high noon. The foggy bottom (State Department) was successful at damaging America's foreign policy and covering up Benghazi, and now the shadow government (Intelligence) is fully focused on destroying our democratic Republic. 

When unelected and unanswerable to the people, bureaucrats, have the power to use leaks, lies and slanderous innuendo to disrupt election results, trample civil rights without fear of reprisal and investigate people based on nothing more than political gossip, then a silent coup is in our midst.

The Deep State is no longer a suspected problem, but a tangible dangerous threat to our democracy, playing out in front of eyes, and brought to the forefront by some angry saboteurs in our government, leaking  illicitly obtained information to the media, a media that is also aligned in hate against Trump. All because Trump is neither a Washington politician insider, or a man who has his hand out for campaign money.

Think about that a moment, Trump is hated by politicians on the right and the left because he is not one of them and corporate owned media can't buy him like they have bought both parties. He is hated by the Deep State because he threatens to undermine their efforts to control America's ties to globalism, international banking and the secret oligarchy we still naively refer to as, corporate lobbying. 

The real story is not about Russian. It is not about Russian election interference. It is not about Cybersecurity. It is not about wrongdoing by Trump's campaign staff, especially when America knows Hillary Clinton has been caught in multiple violations of federal law, let alone put our nation's classified intelligence on the world wide web. No the real story is that our Deep State government is trying to sabotage a duly elected President in order to keep this country moving left.

The Deep State is the Bilderberg image that no longer hides in the background, seen by only by conspiracy chasers, now the world is watching a hostile media attacking Trump and Trump voters with un-American disrespect and disregard for elections results. The media's news programming bespeaks an active leftist oligarchy pumping disinformation daily to a diminishing audience.

Americans are not stupid, gullible and easily persuaded by phony news. Even those on the left, know that the media's stories about Trump, are outrageously specious spin, but they repeat those lies  because they need to hate Trump. They want to hate America, capitalism and our constitutional Republic and gain supporters in order to transform America into a European socialist's state.

There is a lot of smoke in the Beltway about Trump that doesn't come from a fire of truth but rather a pit of smoldering embers of lies, left by the Obama Administration. Americans want our Congress and the Trump administration to investigate and give us answers to the certifiable scandals and illegal activity that was done for the last eight years in Washington and stop chasing the concocted tales by the Democrats about Russian's controlling Trump's strings. It is the Oligarchy and rich moneyed donors who have bought both of America's political parties and seeks to undermine "We the People."

Americans want answers and criminal investigations done to uncover the multiple malfeasance of office and crimes committed by Obama's hyper-political administration.

 Here is a short sample list of just some of those questions that need answers;

Why hasn't anyone been prosecuted in the IRS scandal in which the evidence is clear, that intimidation and harassment by IRS officials against conservative taxpayers was done for years under the Obama administration?

When are Americans going to see justice served in the Clinton, e-mail and Foundation scandals?

Was the DNC hacked or was the information leaked, to Wikileaks, by a Democrat operative?

Why did the DNC refuse the FBI's request to investigate their computers for hacking, why wouldn't they want to know, rather than speculate, as they have been, that the Russians were responsible?

Who killed Seth Rich and was he the DNC leaker that provided Wikileaks with information?

How long has Obama's FBI and NSA been violating people's civil rights and spying on them?

Why did Susan Rice unmask the names of Americans captured in an intelligence surveillance?

Who leaked the Flynn classified information to the press?

Did Obama order unmasking and declassification of intelligence reports in order to politically damage the Trump campaign?

What evidence did Obama give to the FISA court that allowed spying on Trump's campaign and or did that warrant ever exist?

If the warrant exists than were the individuals spied on lawfully, within the limited parameters of said warrant or broadly, which violated their 4th Amendment rights?

To obtain a warrant did Obama officials use the discredited Dossier on Trump, paid for by political hacks in order to fool the FISA court so they could spy on Trump's campaign?

If no such warrant existed, why isn't Congress and the DOJ seeking prosecution on all agency officials and Obama for spying on Americans without a warrant?

Why did FBI Director Comey not recuse himself in the investigation of Hillary Clinton, when he and those in Washington know, that he and his brother have financial ties to the Clinton Foundation?

Why is Robert Mueller, named by DOJ as special counsel, thought to be a fair and impartial choice to investigate impropriety or illegal behavior by his protégé and close friend, James Comey? 

Did Obama, Rice, Brennan, Clinton, Lynch, Clapper, Comey and or others, collude over Hillary's criminal e-mail conduct, and seek to smoke screen the truth by using the intelligence agencies as political weapons to smear Trump with a Russian ruse to cover up their illegal activity?

Americans want real answers to these real acts of impropriety and possibly criminally treasonous acts.
So to the Deep State, and the shady characters embedded in our Washington political swamp, that think, they can undermine the people's President, the voters choice and the electorate's election, Americans say, think twice, think again and oh, please start thinking with your head outside of Obama's "choom" fumes.

The ratings of media mean nothing, the Congressional hearings mean nothing, the calls for impeachment of Trump mean nothing, and the Deep State's leaking smearing campaign will have repercussions. However, the repercussions will not hurt Trump. Washington's witch hunt hysteria, will only speed up the increasing downfall of the Democrat Party as they suck more wind falling further out of  power in 2018. 
The Deep State's swamp of arrogant bureaucrats may think they have power behind their anonymous deep throated treason, but the truth eventually will deep six their lies. Because truth can only be outrun temporarily by lies, in the end, truth always crosses the finish line as the winner.  Savvy and steamed voters may not be able to oust the Deep State by vote but its political party of treason, is in deep deep, deep six, doo doo.

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