Monday, June 19, 2017


A daily diet of hate served by the Media to the hyper-partisan left, that either supported Clinton or Sanders, was bound to boil over the pot, from violent talk to deadly walk. 

The shooting in Alexandria Virginia at the Republican Congresspersons practicing for a charity baseball game, by a leftist protester, is not unexpected, given the insane platform of vicious vitriol by the anti-Trump media.

The anger and hate by alt-left isn't in perspective, in fact, it is lathered by a progressive ideology that has a deep loathing for America's traditional constitutional moral values. This antipathy for all things conservative has been ginned up for years by the social regressive Democrats, seeking to alter our nation's Christian traditions by promoting a false narrative of socialism, as being a bastion of humanistic fairness. It is not only an historically proven lie, but socialism's victims can be found in our southern backyard (Venezuela) currently, and proves that facts don't matter to indoctrinated soldiers of Democrat Progressives/Marxists, mindlessly demanding that their ideology return to power.   

But this leftist rampage killer should not be used by the GOP to sing "kumbaya" it instead should be a rallying cry by the GOP to get Trump's agenda past Democrats. Yet, sadly, America is being run by "The swamp".  

Trump supporters believe in America. Trump supporters want the communistic policies of the Obama administration to be overturned. The left is so angry at Americans that support Trump and wish a return to our foundational roots and away from liberalism, that they have screamed about impeachment for Trump based on invented crimes. Democrat leaders like (Maxine Waters) along with some other Never-Trump quislings in Congress grandstand their disgust hoping to influence Trump supporters to feel ashamed that they voted for him. Instead, public anger grows against our corrupt government.
Not only is this fanatical liberal campaign of Trump smearing a loser, it seems the old adage, "I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say, bounces off of me and sticks to you." has been the quiet reaction by the majority of Americans. The attacks by the left when Trump has barely taken office belies that the "swamp's" aim, is not just directed toward "the Donald" but every American that cast a vote for him.

Indeed the violence by the left, against Trump, and his supporters has been under reported by the left's media. The paid protest soldiers of progressive ideology, have committed multiple acts of violence, property destruction and physical assault on Trump supporters and then incredulously, claim themselves to be the victims. "Yes, I sucker punch him, and made him bleed, but he started it, by wearing a MAGA hat."

Charlie Rose, a long time PBS host, had the audacity to suggest after the Alexandria shooting, that the hateful rhetoric that incites violence started with the Trump supporters saying "Lock her up", referring to Hillary Clinton. Sorry Charlie, that tuna fish doesn't swim, it just stinks on the dock with the growing pile of rotten liberal excuses.

Calling for Hillary to not be above the law and be prosecuted for her serious crimes, is not hate speech, it is the acknowledgement of the people that justice must be enforced against a crime, regardless of whom commits it. Hillary and Bill Clinton along with Obama are the Czars of Washington's corruption and yet they remain wealthy, free and unanswerable to the law. "Lock her up" is not inciting violence, it is inciting justice under the law.

There was an ideological battle in the 2016 RNC Primary race between the big government oligarchy of the establishment Republicans, versus the small federal government working for the average American interest, and the GOP swamp dwellers, lost. Trump and the people won.

There was an ideological battle between leftist Social/Progressive agenda and the restoration of traditional American values in the 2016 Presidential election and the DNC swamp builders, lost. Trump and the people won. But what did we win? We knew we won a chance to battle the swamp?

It is Trump and the people against the Beltway swamp. The swamp contains Democrats, Republicans, the media, corporations, K street and bureaucrats dubbed the "Deep state".  No, this isn't an Alex Jones false flag wolf cry, it is a backroom coup that has come center stage, in full public nudity for all to see.

Not one single Republican has taken to the stage to call out this siege against a duly elected POTUS by the swamp zombies of Washington. The voters are being arrogantly ignored, the rule of law has become a weapon of hypocrisy and the GOP leadership smiles as it equally plunges the knife into Caesar.    

The Congressional majority leaders, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not listening to the majority of American voters and are duplicitous as they side with Democrats in this dangerous hegemony over "We the people" and the election mandate. 

The American people might feel powerless to silence, the Obama holdovers in the Deep state. The American people might feel frustrated to silence, the Democrat's unhinged allegations and specious arguments with zero evidence, of a Trump's Russian collusion. The American people might feel infuriated by a corporate owned media, that continually reports every leaked smear against Trump but refuses to report, and in fact, actively buries, the stories showing illegal conduct by Hillary Clinton and Obama's administration.   

But the American people know who is in charge of the swamp's legion of antagonism, and it is the GOP. We blame the GOP in the Beltway swamp because they asked for the power to govern, and the people elected them to govern. The GOP needs to stop this fallacious farce of detraction of the President by Democrats and the "Deep State" and start working diligently on the Trump agenda, while also investigating, the multiple crimes done by the past administration. The public awaits, impatient and with steely resolve to fight the Swamp, and save our constitutional Republic. 

"If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem" and America's problems still remain festering while Congress, fiddles with farce and fantasies. 

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